Customers can now direct message you via Google MyBusiness

– If you didn’t already
have enough ways that people could contact you, phone,
email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger,
Google have now introduced another one to keep an eye on. So people can now via the
Google Maps app on their phone send you a direct message or
messages or instant messages via that app that you can
then respond to using the Google MyBusiness app on your phone. Well, let’s have a look at that now. (jaunty music) Hi, I’m Jason Foss. I got a notification through
on my phone the other day from the Google MyBusiness
app letting me know that people could now contact
me directly via that. So I had a bit of a look
around as to what was going on there, and found
this article from Google. So how it works is that if
you have a Google MyBusiness listing, and therefore are
visible through Google Maps, people can now contact you that way. So there’s a bit of a
screen animation here. So people can find your listing on maps, through sidebar tap
Messages, and then start to contact you that way. This can also be done through
a regular Google search by the looks of it. If they get the Google
MyBusiness listings, the message button there,
and they’ll be able to direct message you via those means. So I had a look inside the,
I had a look inside the Google MyBusiness listing on the web, and this is what it looks like. So there’s a messaging tab down
here, but it requires either the Android app or the
iPhone app to run it. If you’re not sure what
you’re looking for, this is the icon. So that’s the fellow you
want to install on your phone if you want to respond to
direct messages that come via your listing on Google
Maps or your Google MyBusiness listing in the regular organic stuff. So there we go, another
messaging channel to keep an eye on. I guess it’s not too
bad if you’ve got alerts set on your phone. It’ll go ping if somebody needs to, is expecting a reply from you. But yeah, just something
you also add to your list. I’m Jason Foss. Thanks for watching. (jaunty music)

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