Customizing Webflow Ecommerce emails — Webflow tutorial

Email. A technology so universally beloved, it’s
the best way for humans to communicate throughout the planet. Except for the 1,200 ways people communicate
better. For ecommerce-related functions, special settings
in Webflow let us customize the look of these emails to match a certain brand. We’ll cover that, plus how to add dynamic
fields to these emails, and how to send a test email. Spoiler: you just press “send test email.” Let’s go into this example (all we’re
doing here is going to our email settings). And we’ll start by selecting a logo. This is a brand logo that’ll appear on ecommerce-related
emails. What about our brand color? We can update that from the same place. Just choose the brand accent color that’ll
show up in these emails. Finally, let’s change our background color
to maroon. Except we won’t really do that. Because it’s terrible. But here’s where things get really, really
interesting. We have different kinds of emails. Different emails that fire for different reasons. Want to control what happens when a store
manager receives an order? Right here. How about the confirmation that gets sent
to a customer who just placed an order? Right here. For this example, let’s do order shipped. We can control the way customers are emailed
when their order has been shipped. We can type out static text. But what’s really interesting is the not
static text. We can use variables. Dynamic fields. What does dynamic mean? Nobody really knows. But the feature works. And here’s why that’s important. We can type out static text, and embed instances
of text right here (inline). These will automatically turn into real text
based on the store, the customer — whatever you decide. The beauty of this is that you’re able to
personalize the email. Of course, there are so many ways to implement
these, so you’ll have to test it out to see what feels right for the brand. And while there’s a preview available right
here, it’s helpful to send a test email. So. From our Ecommerce email settings, we can
customize the look (the branding) of emails that go out to customers, we can add dynamic
fields, and we can send test emails. That’s customizing Ecommerce emails in Webflow.

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