Cutting Open a Squeezamal | What’s Inside?

Hey guys, whoa Chill, so kind of a random video today. Um, but it’s a Monday, So that’s what Mondays are for! (i thought mondays were for sleeping in?) Last Monday I posted a video of me opening a bunch of these ‘Squeezamals’ that the company sent to me and I swear 75% of the comments are asking for me to cut one open to see what’s inside Okay, you know what I’m here to give the people what they asked for So actually I am kind of curious to see what’s inside of this and since the company did send me duplicates Um You know, why not? Why not sacrifice one? It’s all for the cause, right? (Savage) the reason I’m choosing to kill this one specifically is because *WIERD SQUISH NOISES* I got a case of 24 of these and this was the only one that had like A Plasticy sound to it like listen to this No plastic, no plastic anywhere so we are gonna find out not only what’s in ‘Squeezamals’ in general, But what’s inside this one because there’s something there’s something going on there and I want to know what it is Let’s zoom in for this. Ahhhhhhhhhh *angelic screaming* Where should we start this operation? Oh, it looks like there’s already kind of a little hole right here. So Perfect. Let’s let’s just start there It’s white Wooow brilliant observation What ? let me get the tag out of here Ohh Weird this is so scary It’s like dyed from the fabric (oohhhhh, looks like blood-) So there’s like this reddish hue to the whole thing and you can see its face imprint. Why is it all like Clumpy and chunky. I thought it would be like a clean perfect ball inside but it’s like Gross and then okay, there’s no plastic or anything on the face so the plastic must come from the fabric Oh What what the heck why is there plastic in there? ”Why so mystery kind of solved but also what Okay, now I’m just being destructive for the sake of being destructive but I feel bad like just completely wasting this I could Repurpose this foam and turn it and choose some sort of squishy. It’s like super super smooth You can see now how slow rising this is Obviously feels a lot squishier just like this then it does when it’s under the fabric But yeah, look at that What kind of squishy can I turn this into like a fruit maybe Watermelon or something? I don’t know So Before and after yeah. Ooh, you got some of your friends guts on you Okay, so for some reason I just sat here and cut this I made it into like a rough ball. Um, it was kind of always a rough ball. So you did nothing Now I just need to decide what I’m going to make out of this What is that? There we go, put it back together again Yeah There we go It’s perfect Okay, so that’s it for today I mean, yeah, this was like a weird random video, but you guys wanted to see it. So there it is You’ve seen it. Thanks for watching. I will see you guys on Friday for another video. Bye Smells so good

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100 thoughts on “Cutting Open a Squeezamal | What’s Inside?

  1. OMG so many requests for squishy makeovers hahaha ?I am so glad you guys are loving that series. Don't worry it will continue. Just wait until Friday guys ?

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  3. A lot of time when you embroider something you have to have a piece of plastic or paper to embroider over then after your done you take off what you can. They might have forgotten to take the plastic out

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  5. This video made me buy a squeezamal from amazon. I got the fluffy bright rainbow one because I'm also addicted to watching you draw and colour rainbows on squishies and your other series like the thrift store depaintings. I'm such a fan of your artwork now and I love your jacket you painted on. Keep up the creativity Moriah! ?⭐

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