CXO-Cockpit Web-based and Mobile Corporate Management Reporting & Communication Platform

CXO-Cockpit delivers a powerful web and
mobile corporate management reporting and communication platform with
unrivalled financial intelligence and a seamless fit with your core performance
management processes and systems from Oracle and SAP to Tagetik, CXO-Cockpit
combines a media visibility your key kpi’s with rich narrative functionality
providing you with the secure single point of insight anywhere anytime across
your organization business owned faster better leaving you time to produce real
insight not just numbers and make an impact executive friendly and highly
intuitive dashboards allow easy interaction with and communication
around the data through comments and annotations native mobile but for
flexibility for multiple and for media such as print booklets Excel PowerPoint
and email enabled interactive storyboards highly structured and formatted
but dynamic reports giving you full analytical power to drill down and get
the bottom of variances relevance driven guided analysis allowing you to quickly
zoom in on the areas requiring your attention collaborative tools to
efficiently share analysis and trigger action putting you in control for the
single shared point of truth and powerful slice-and-dice capabilities
putting all the answers at your fingertips and all this record-breaking
implementation times

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