Cybersecurity Basics for Small Business | Federal Trade Commission

[MUSIC PLAYING] Cyber criminals attack
companies of all sizes. To reduce your risk,
know and practice some cybersecurity basics. Start with your devices. Use strong passwords
for all your devices– at least 12
characters with a mix of numbers, symbols, and both
capital and lower-case letters. And set all your software
to update automatically. This includes
apps, web browsers, and operating systems. Next, backup your
important files offline, like in the cloud or on
an external hard drive. If your devices contain
sensitive personal information, make sure they’re encrypted. And require multi-factor
authentication to access areas of your network
with sensitive information. This could be a temporary
code on a smartphone or a key that’s inserted into a computer. Also, think about how you
connect to the network. Secure your router by changing
its default name and password, turning off remote management,
and then logging out as the administrator. Make sure your router is using
WPA2 or WPA3 encryption, which protects information
sent over your network so it can’t be
read by outsiders. Cybersecurity should be part
of your business routine. Talk about cyber
basics with your staff, and have a plan in
case you are attacked. Learn more

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