D’ Cuero (E-commerce platform)

the Cuero is an online platform that sells our product made by artisans in a rural community south of Ecuador leather shoes for men a product made of genuine cowhide handmade finishes and eco-friendly features the main goal is to help these small producers become international without the high costs that are conventional export implies we are the link between these small producers and the huge international market the Cuero is a social project because it follows fair trade practices the product is made in a workshop that provides employment to socially excluded groups that is people without a professional degrees and women including mothers who can work from their homes all of them are taught an occupation they are paid fair wages and they receive incentives industrial safety and health insurance they don’t have to commute long distances because they all live in the surrounding areas the workshop also uses chemical free leather organic glues and it reduces waste materials my name is Maria Lisa Munoz and I am the social entrepreneur behind the gwai-lo through e-commerce I seek to provide an alternative tool for small companies to be able to expand to the world without compromising their essence and highlighting the value of human talent above profit you

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