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Okay, this is Robert Newman I’m a
real estate online marketing expert located in California and this is one of
my video reviews of top real estate website providers so these are companies
that make websites and they fall into a couple of different categories. What
we’re looking at right now is Dakno. Dakno is a really respected real
estate website service provider. The company was founded by Brad Carroll. Brad
Carroll is definitely one of the guys in the industry that has a lot of
credibility. He’s a real technology expert, he’s built a lot of custom
back-end tools, under his direction for his company Dakno. They’ve been at real
estate specialty websites for a lot of years. As long as I’ve been in the
business which has been a decade and potentially longer. They’ve evolved a lot
over the years I’ve seen it you can’t see it here and I didn’t pull up any
data to prove it but I can tell you that my personal experience is that these
guys have been evolving and evolving their service and their product. Now just
like everybody else they’ve got some strengths and some weaknesses and I
intend to point out the ones that I know about. With Daknow there’s some things
that I don’t usually like there to be gaps in my reviews but these ones that
I’m doing for the top 20 providers are pretty brief they’re not like my normal
reviews which you can see if you look at Placester or my Easy Agent Pro versus
Real Geeks I took 3 months, I used the platforms. I’ve done none of that for Dakno and I’d
like to one of these days but for right now this is a top-level review for Dakno.
Dakno has always hovered around the same pricing. Their prices ranged
between $1,600 and a thousand. They can actually get to be far more than that.
They can go upwards of $2,500. they have an IDX fee and have a
full range of service offerings that they can add on in the back like when
they sell you the website. So there’s a lot of differences,
like they have their own IDX, okay. So they are not using IDX
broker or Ihome finder like some other website manufacturers are. In addition
Dakno has now created its own stack of technology that services real estate
websites. Now again I’m not going to get into. like, at certain points of these
reviews you just have to take into consideration that it seems like I know
what I’m doing. This is a tool called built with and it tells me how companies
are building their websites usually. Basically it’s pointing out the tools that
they’re using. These guys are not using WordPress they’ve got their own content
management system that either they’ve developed or they’ve partnered
with called live agent. What live agent does I have a service description which
is essentially it can take users, you can chat with them and it apparently
provides tickets and from what brad is saying on some of his blog posts on
activerain they’ve got a from birth to death kind of nurturing system inside
their websites but I’ve never read anything that says that they’ve got like
a user behavior lead nurturing system similar to Z57 or Zurple. So my belief
would probably be that this is agent and broker managed and that there’s some
kind of work involved in getting your leads properly nurtured using these guys
now maybe they’ve got a team in place that helps respond to leads.
I’ve seen some questionable marketing material that says that maybe that’s one
of their service packages. The things that I know definitively in terms of
their product and their service so one I have the years that I’ve seen them
around this is somewhat surprising but for the years that they’ve been around
they have a surprisingly low number of reviews. So they’ve been in business over
ten years they’ve got 26 google reviews to give you a comparison I’ve been in
business for I’ve been asking for reviews for I want
to say six months and I’ve got 12 on Google and I’ve got more Facebook
reviews than they do so I don’t think they very much focused on reviews.
They’ve got four Yelp reviews. Now all these reviews are good but if you start
looking here at Glassdoor which is employee reviews people that work for
them. Like you can quickly see that it is that they’re saying hey it’s what you
make of it which leads me to believe that they’ve probably provided a fairly
good package of tools but unlike many of the companies that are out there right
now they don’t have a huge amount of tutorials on their website. So like
Placester and other real estate technology companies really go out of
their way, Easy Agent Pro they’re going out of their way to try to educate you
how to use their websites, Dakno is not. Whether or not they do that internally
that’s a question but I don’t see anything that leads me to believe that
they really are. In addition when it comes to the kinds of reviews that you
guys have started to expect from me in this series of real estate website providers
I of course have reviewed Dakno themselves in terms of do they
understand organic marketing like from a top level perspective and they’ve got
better statistics than a lot of companies do but when I open this
up it becomes apparent that what they’re really doing is they’re targeting IDX’s
which usually means that’s like a high-volume strategy. That’s saying we
just want to sign you up for that fee that you pay for the IDX which might be
$80 a month or whatever it is but all those people that are doing that are
putting all the lead generation back on you. You’ve got a drive traffic into the
website. You’ve got to understand how conversion works. You’ve got to make that
happen. It’s not we’re providing you a solution, it is literally you’ve got to
make that all happen and if you ever come to them with like that kind of
concern that’s exactly what they’re going to tell you. Now they do have one
good search result which is real estate web design and they’re number
five for that. That’s a great term, everything in real estate,
like the real estate website design, level or real estate websites is super
competitive like super, super, super competitive. So that they have any
ranking at all for any keyword that’s even remotely like Realtors web design,
real estate web design. They’ve got some kind of marketing chops and that says
something about them. Now in terms of their websites themselves that are
obviously they fall into the custom real estate website design category both
their pricing and their product their service puts them into that category. I’m
going to show you guys a few examples. This is a Dakno website what’s pretty
cool is that they’ve got a very good IDX solution. So this is a Miami Beach
realtor. They have wisely focused on condos.
What’s a little bit disconcerting and I do this with each and every single one
is that what I do is I take the very best of their customers. The people with
the highest domain rating and the highest URL rating and I open them up and say
hey what you know what’s the likelihood that these guys have a ranking of their
own. Like are they doing, are they receiving any kind of lead generation
off their website and this is the top ranked site at least. It doesn’t mean
anything I mean it’s possible that they have other customers that are doing far
better but this is this customer and the top keyword is hpw and then they do have
some keywords here and there that are okay but overall the chances of these
guys generating anything more than a handful of leads is pretty small
because what they’re doing is they’ve got nothing but their name is what
they’re going on. So people already know about them they’re not, they may have
other kinds of marketing but this tracks PPC which is Google AdWords advertising
and it’s saying that it hasn’t seen any spend in the last year. So chances are
strong that whatever marketing is being done by hpw is actually being done at
the agent level and driving that in to the website.
In addition to support that I look at hpw and I go down and I look at what
their Google tracking is doing and I know that sounds like kind of weird. like
why would you do that? So here’s one of those interesting
things is that you can see that hpw has a whole bunch of agents that have
subdomains that connect in and all that means is hpw is providing their agents
with websites. In my experience with numbers like this, the fact that the
brand name hpw is mostly what is coming up in the search engines that
probably means that their marketing is being driven by their agents themselves
as opposed to their website. Now again this could be just one customer and
maybe there’s other customers that. You know what I decided to look at another
one. All right so this is their second top customer. It’s this customer right
here, okay we know that he’s got good targeting for a lot of condominium
buildings in terms of his homepage and links that lead to them and it does look
like indeed some of these are doing okay. He’s got good ranking on these. Most
likely Kevin’s website make some money okay he’s probably getting leads for all
of these different condominium buildings and this is a very smart way to target
in Miami and places where buildings are entire ecosystems in terms of buying
and selling real estate. So it does look like he’s done a solid job. My
1000 foot view is that Dakno is probably very proficient at what’s
called IDX SEO which just means that they’re good at building a homepage that
has these connected pages that go into very specific locations. Now most people
in real estate aren’t going to be in an area where you’re going to see this kind
of success. So this realtor or this broker probably is experiencing a lot of
success and doesn’t even realize that he’s a one-off but he is. He’s going
to be a rarity but since he’s making money off his website we can be sure
that he’s probably putting money back into it but you know what these numbers like
once again with custom real estate makers.
The key is walking into the relationship in an educated fashion. You can make
money off a lot of real estate websites but most of the time the provider
themselves is not giving you all the information that you need to do that. You
kind of have to learn as you go. My objective with these, doing these reviews
is to give you a chance to say huh am i organized enough, am i prepared enough to
work with this real estate website service provider and I think in a lot of
cases the answer is no which means that a lot of people will use money. Now
here’s one other thing about Dakno they absolutely positively have their
own custom CMS, they have their own custom website design. What does that
mean in layman’s terms? Whatever the monthly services with Dakno and I
couldn’t necessarily find it but it’s probably in the hundred to three hundred
dollar range. You’re going to be paying that for the lifetime of the site. So
getting into something with Dakno it’s definitely a relationship.
They’re not providing as much support as I’d like to see with real estate website
providers. Like they don’t have a large content marketing section on their
website that educates you. They do have a youtube channel that has 50 videos. They
only have 132 subscribers that is not promising, to give you an example
Easy Agent Pro has only been around for two years has 7000 subscribers,
Placester has 13,000 or something ridiculous like that. Even I
have thirty providers and I’ve only been adding YouTube videos for a couple
months. So usually people subscribe where they’re finding something that is highly
useful and just based on these titles like a mastermind, who knows what that is,
there are no bad leads. So they’re saying they’re trying to tell you the agents
okay there’s no bad leads I mean how many times do you get told that by your
sales manager by the ownership brokerage. I mean they’re always going to
tell you there’s no bad leads. So that usually is code for our websites don’t
generate great leads and that’s not promising either. So as a whole though
again it needs to be said that Dakno in terms of real estate technology
companies has a much better reputation than many that are out there. Like they
don’t have all the hidden bad reviews that agent image does.
They seem to be a solid company it just appears on the surface that the only way
to make money off Dakno sites is to really understand how they work and I’m
not able to log in and show you how they work or identify for sure that their IDX
actually generates leads like if it asks for registration at the right
points, things like that. Like let’s just go to a building if this website is set
up correctly somewhere in this process. So this is a nice result, so we’re gonna
go to view listings and there we go. So it probably is actually generating
decent leads because now I’ve got a good a good explanation of the property I’ve
got a phone number to call and I can enter my my information. So let’s
take one more thing because that’s a building that’s in pre-construction I
don’t know if you read as fast as I did but let’s go ahead and go to 1500 Ocean
Drive that sounds like something that might be established, okay. So here we go, do
view listing, it’s thinking forever, more forever, lord have mercy. This is certainly not promising, okay. So
it’s not asking for registration that’s a little disappointing let’s go for
details. Okay, in terms of the way the IDX appears I mean again I believe
strongly but this is probably making money for this realtor but I some of the
things I would test . if you’re considering this particular
website provider is make sure that you are taking some of these examples, some
of these website examples that you’re seeing here. Just copy the URL and use
them on your mobile phone, make sure that the IDX is actually mobile not just the,
not just the web site itself. So here’s one last Dakno website. All right, it
seems to be more modern it’s got bigger images, it’s cleaner, it’s got some
unnecessary graphics on it. I personally don’t like this
design all that much but I mean in terms of is it a solid design the answer is
yes and again we get this really thorough explanation of neighborhoods
and things like that. Let’s just go ahead and click on one. This is probably an MLS
problem not anything else. These IDX pages appear to load slow, this is
the second site in a row where there’s like the top time is a
little bit slow, that’s never good for Google. It’s not that this is atrocious
it’s not at all but like just in terms of things that you should be aware of
the person that might be thinking about purchasing a real estate website. These
are definitely things that you want to pay attention to. You want to go to a few
sites you want to check them out but I can’t emphasize this enough. There
probably are only maybe four or five really good custom real estate
developers in the entire country there just aren’t many I wish there were and
this is one of the top ones. So I’m trying to educate you about what you
might need to, questions you might need to ask.
I’m not poo-pooing these guys at all as long as you like kind of have,
understand what you’re walking into. I will say that since they’ve decided to
askew WordPress I am not seeing anything impressive in terms of SEO or content
marketing. Now that’s pretty Universal in real estate. Very few people focus on
it anymore and it’s not the fault of the developer. Like they, some of their
clients might be able to do very well in SEO if they just knew what they were
doing but I can tell you that not seeing anybody that’s doing anything
interesting with content marketing or having search results sent back to their
site is a little bit disappointing this is another one. So the three sites that
we’ve looked at are the top three in terms of domain Authority. So I’ve
literally taken, there were 3,300 websites that were connected to Denko, Dakno
sorry and I’ve taken the top three so we’re looking at the best of the best of
the best for them. These guys have PPC, these guys are recognized
for a lot of keywords. Let’s see what the pages are and they’re targeting weird
stuff. They’re targeting lifestyle searches. okay not
nothing bad with that it’s a fairly solid strategy to develop a good
email list within a community. So I’m absolutely not gonna knock it. It’s
driving a lot of traffic to their site but when we’re looking at this site and
we are looking at what traffic there is we need to now be aware of the fact that
most of this is lifestyle traffic which just means it’s a very long term
approach to collecting an email list and then emailing it out. Now my belief is
since we’re looking at the top three Realtors and brokers that all of these
real estate professionals probably actually are on top of their game,
probably managing their lists, probably making money and conversion off their
websites and if you called any of them they’re probably going to say that Dakno
is a great provider. They’ve just been trained into
understanding that they need to do all the heavy lifting in terms of learning
what needs to be done, how to do it, so on so forth. Now my belief might be that
this particular client Linda Lovecraft she might very well be like a customer
in terms of marketing because Dakno does have marketing services or they did
when I was competing against them. I haven’t done so in a few years I used to
get their contracts and I know exactly what they used to do. So they used to
offer blog content whether or not they do that anymore is anybody’s guess. So
they probably do have some marketing packages I’d be very careful if you
decide to sign up for any of them mostly just because they might have a very long
term view and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just should be educated on that,
you should know I’m gonna be spending whatever money they quote me for six
months to twelve months and that’s the same with me but at the end of that six
and twelve months where you’re going to be doing is collecting email addresses
for people that were looking at top restaurants not top real estate. So then
there’s probably an extra incubation period of another six to twelve months
before you start closing deals. Now take a super long term view and these guys
might be building a great product. I don’t like the fact that you probably
don’t own the site. I don’t like the fact that you you’re going to be locked into
them forever and I don’t like the fact that they
don’t have a lot of education on the website. So I think that if you’re
looking for a mid-range custom real estate website service provider these
guys might be somebody that’s good to look at
definitely call them and take a look at their their capabilities. They don’t
have massive amounts of complaints online. They do have their internal
stuff kind of suggests that like a lot of real estate tech companies there
isn’t a very great culture inside the company. Real estate tech can be really
unforgiving and because there’s a lot to learn there’s a lot of MLS’s, there’s a
lot of detail, there’s a lot that and it’s just not easy and then if you start
saying you need to also understand marketing and email marketing and you
have a realtor whose expectation is that the service person that they’re gonna
call understands these things it’s very unforgiving and I’ve trained a lot of
these support staff so I know for sure it’s very, very, very unforgiving. That’s
not to say that you as a person who has money to spend shouldn’t expect that. I’m
just telling you both sides of the equation. Anyway I hope you found this
this Dakno or no that’s right, Dakno review helpful. As with all my videos you
can always leave me a comment below and I will reach out to you. Forgive me my
cat has decided that he needs to be part of my review. So anyway ultimately I
think that they’re going to get a good score card for me and there’s definitely
more good than bad it’s just understand what you’re investing in.

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