Day 24: My Biggest Mistake in Business

So this one’s all about team. In reality, everything is all about team for me
these days. It wasn’t always that way. I went for the first ten years without
hiring anyone. Except, well, Mary my wife was helping in the business. But
otherwise it was just Mary and I for 10 years. And then in 2006, we had our
first hire, our first team member and that was Betty. And Betty’s absolutely
legendary. There’s a very good chance that you might have had some
interaction with Betty. In fact, she’s so legendary within my business that I
actually had someone from one of my masterminds come to me and say, “Jeff, does
Betty really exist?” I’m like, “She exists.” In fact, Betty just
hit her 10-year anniversary with us just like a month ago. Pretty amazing.
And so a lot of people are like what should my first
hire be? And so Betty does lots and lots of different things in the business, but
her core strength is customer service and that’s the thing she focuses on.
She’s one of those blessed people that loves to take up a negative situation
where either we screwed up or maybe our customer is just having a bad day
and they’re not happy — and taking a negative situation and turning it around
into a positive. She just lives for those challenges. Me, personally, I’d have a hard
time doing that, but the beauty of having a team is you have people working in
their unique abilities and Betty’s incredible at this, absolutely incredible. So she was the first hire. And then it
was another year before we had our second one. That was my brother and he
helps out with all our JV partnerships, our JV relationships. He just
helps me with everything strategic in the business. And then it was Kristen and
Kristen is our operations manager. And then it started to snowball. You know, for
a long time I was just Jon and Betty and Kristen and myself and
Mary helping out in the background, but then a few years ago we really started
to snow ball and it’s grown up. It’s amazing now. We’re
somewhere in that 18-20 people now and it’s an incredible team. And I can absolutely not do what I do without
them. The key here is that I get to focus more and more in my unique ability,
the things I’m really, really good at. I’m good at being on camera. I’m good at writing email copy. I’m great
at creating marketing funnels and marketing promotions. I’m good at
creating products and teaching. I’m great at being onstage. But there’s a lot of
things that I’m not great at—and I’ve got a team to handle those. You know, growing a team, managing a team… not something I ever thought I would do, not
something that I had experience in, but like everything else, you just learn
this a step at a time. So you don’t need to jump into immediately having a huge team. You can hire people, but you can also outsource or out-task. We do a lot of that. There’s some areas where we don’t have a ton of
in-house experience. We actually don’t have a ton of tech experience on our
team or tech skills and technology. We basically have one main person and he
outsources most of our tech. So team… not something I jumped into. One of my
biggest mistakes was waiting 10 years to start building the team. And then even
after I started building it, I went a little too slow based on where we were at. We were already a
million-dollar business before I brought Betty on. That was way too late
to hire. That was the probably the biggest mistake I ever made in this
20-year journey was being too slow to hire. So I’m Jeff Walker. I’m sharing my
lessons from 20 years in business online. I’m releasing one video every
single day for 30 days. If you liked this video, you want to
share it with someone, someone who could use this, go ahead and share with it with them. Otherwise,
scroll down and leave a comment wherever you’re watching this… and let’s go get ’em
this week.

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8 thoughts on “Day 24: My Biggest Mistake in Business

  1. I recent hired some help which was tough for me to do. It's also about stuff I'm not interested in doing and wasn't getting done.

  2. I just ordered your book "Launch" it will be here tomorrow. I'm in Christian Ministry and I saw the strategies in the book can be use for all niches and businesses. I am excited to test it out for a ministry. I am working on a team now. Thank you for all your wisdom. Many more Blessings.

  3. I've got to find a way to focus on my key skills as doing everything myself is hurting my whole business and draining all my energy! Thank you for the inspiration! Thank you, Betty for bringing your care, love and service to Jeff and helping so many people be successful in launching internet businesses doing what they love!

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