Department of Jobs and Small Business Graduate Program

I applied for the Department of Jobs and
Small Business Graduate Program because I knew I wanted a specialised legal
training program and the department was one of the few agencies that offered
specialised streams for graduates. Along with the streamline for recruitment process
the department also has an excellent reputation for maintaining a sound
work/life balance. I had a keen interesting economics so the department and it’s
obvious connection to the labor market made it an appealing workplace for me.
All of the teams I’ve worked in have been staffed with great people and
they’ve been very open to my input. I’m an economist in the employment agreement
and workplace analysis section everyone so lovely. Everyone’s been so helpful and
they’re like always willing to teach you to the super understanding they make
sure to explain everything. I was really impressed with the variety of
opportunities and possibilities that were presented to ICT graduates. I was
also very attracted to the relocation assistance as I was living in Far North
Queensland at the time. I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of a network
for women in IT it provides me the opportunity to network and gain insights
from peer mentoring. Hello, at the Department of Jobs and Small Business we
play a fundamental role in getting more jobseekers into jobs and facilitating
safe, fair and productive workplaces. The Graduate Program is a fantastic
opportunity for you to be exposed to the wide range of work that the department
does and to really make a contribution to policies and programs that are
central to the Australian way of life. My department is a place where you can
expect to be treated with respect. Given meaningful opportunities to excel and
where you will be able to balance the demands of your work with other
priorities in your life. I’d like to invite you to apply to the Department of
Jobs and Small Business Graduate Program where you will be valued challenged and
supported and will make a great difference in the lives of many

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