Design for Dignity: Making your retail business accessible to people with disability

Over 4 million people in Australia have or
will aquire some form of disability in their lifetime. That’s 1 in 5 people. This means that if your retail business isn’t
accessible to people with disability, you are missing out on paying customers. Shopping is about more than just buying goods
and services. It’s about getting out and about and connecting with our communities. So it makes sense to take simple measures
to make your business more inclusive of people with disability. Because connection is important
for all of us. To help your business become more welcoming
to everyone, the Australian Network on Disability has developed the Design for Dignity Retail
Guidelines. It’s a free resource designed to help you,
as retail business owners; shopping centre managers; designers; builders and certifiers,
make the shopping experience more independent, dignified and enjoyable for people with disability. People with disability are skilled and capable
social and economic contributors, who are entitled to equality. Not only is making your
business more accessible to people with disability the right thing to do; it makes good business
sense too. So, don’t wait for a complaint, help make
a difference. It’s easier than you think. Visit to access the free Design
for Dignity Retail Guidelines today!

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