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(music playing) Each year the state of California contracts for billions of dollars of goods and services We as a state, can and should leverage our spending power. To achieve policy and goals that help the people of California. One major policy goal we have is to create jobs and grow our state economy. Promoting the development of small businesses within California is a great way for us to do that. Because California small businesses are the engine of economic growth. 95% of companies in California are small businesses. And with the right opportunities, these small businesses can grow to become the next Apple, Netflix, or Tesla. So let’s all do our part, to promote small business development and grow our state economy. Together we can really make a difference. The “Small Business First” Policy is a policy that every department should adopt and every advocate should implement. When you contract with small businesses here in the state of California, you’re supporting women, minorities, disabled veterans, and others that make our community strong. Every contract dollar that you spend on small businesses goes to the state and benefits our community as a whole. Contract dollars spent in California small businesses stay in the state and continue to improve our communities. The “Small Business First” policy is the best way to ensure that your department meets its 25% small business participation goal. When your agency creates a policy to always contract with small businesses, for contracts between $5,000 and $250,000, you’re able to used a simplified procurement method that creates less work for everyone involved. Contracting with and supporting small businesses is something we really want to do. And this policy helps our department easily meet that 25% participation goal and even exceed it. With this policy, we are also forming connections and relationships with small businesses which makes doing businesses easier and faster. It’s important for departments to know that there are numbers of ways to support small businesses and reach their 25% target. Many of which are simple, yet effective. Invite small businesses to participate in outreach events, you’ll grow your network of small businesses to contract with and it’s a good way for them to get some visibility with the buyers as well as the departmental staff. Designate an advocate in your department then partner with the advocate from the other departments to make the work of finding small businesses easier,. Support from top executives and managers is crucial if departments are going to succeed in implementing these changes and contracting with small businesses, Contracting with the state has tremendous impact on my business. “Small Business First” policy is a wonderful way for small businesses like mine to get state contracts without having to compete against large businesses. The policy opens doors for my small business to the opportunities that would not be possible otherwise. Our skills and knowledge expands along with our ability to double up our products and services. The “Small Business First” policy and preference the state provides has been a key contributor to our success. My business depends on state contracts, when I get state contracts that money goes to hiring more people in our communities and providing more services and products to the people of California. Money spent in a small business, stays in the state and turns 5 to 7 times. Because we need to use other local businesses for services such as banking, accounting, legal insurance, IT, and anything else we may need. A thriving business will give back to the state through taxes for the support of the state’s function and services. As a small business, we are able to create personalized business for the state, develop relationships and build trust which makes doing business better for us and our customers, especially the state of California. Contracts can be of any size, even small ones that fall below $4,000. Every dollar that goes to a small business like mine is crucial and can be the difference between a business that survives and the one that fails I want all of you to know, that we at DGS are here for you DGS has an award-winning small business certification and outreach program We’re ready to help you jumpstart your program, structure your policies, and develop relationships with small business and advocates. Let’s do this together for the state and the public we serve. (music playing)

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