Discover business at Griffith University Open Day 2019

Hi I’m Cinthia and I’m a Griffith
University student ambassador. If you’re interested in a career in business and
government, come along to open day on Sunday 11th of August to see what Griffith Business School has to offer. You can trade on our
Bloomberg terminals, check out our digitally enhanced classrooms, and get
advice on how to give your career a competitive edge with a university
degree. I would highly recommend the student leadership program because it
really complements your degree. The value that you’ll gain from enhancing your
leadership skills but also surrounding yourself with like-minded people they’re
there to encourage you and to support you on whatever it is that you’re doing
and you get to build that network not just from the people that you’re meeting
in University but then also people from outside of University in the industry
that you want to work in. At Griffith Business School we have access to
Queensland’s largest student managed investment fund right at our fingertips
with a focus on sustainable socially responsible investments. The 250 thousand dollar fund has already seen some encouraging results. So we use the
Bloomberg terminals to guide our analysis; Bloomberg is used by investment
professionals worldwide so it’s the closest thing that we’ll get to
on-the-job experience in the classroom. You can see them for yourself and learn
much more about the fund by joining us on open day. I received the Griffith
University / Vice Chancellors Business Scholarship award. The scholarship has
most definitely helped lift some of that financial burden that comes with
starting at University. Whether you know textbooks or even to cover fuel or
living expenses the support network for Griffith is great. People kind of sell
themselves short and think that I can’t apply for this, I may not be
good enough, but scholarships are more accessible than people realize, so it’s
really worth taking the opportunity since its there and on offer. Open Day is
on Sunday 11th of August, come find out how Griffith University prepares its
students for the rapidly evolving world of business with degrees centered on
ethics and sustainability. Visit the Griffith website to plan your day.

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