DIXON CIDER (Official Music Video)

Hey, do you guys wanna hear a punny joke? SHUT UP! A small apple cider business in the nearby town of Dixon is going bankrupt, so we made this music video to help them out. Now they’re threatening to sue us. Christopher fine was here I guess you’ll see why… Smosh Presents: DIXON CIDER Sometimes you have bad days Days when you think nothing can bring you up But If you got a girl You got nothing to worry about Just listen here! And we’ll tell just what’s up Grab your girl and have some DIXON CIDER And show her love with your DIXON CIDER And fill her full with lots of DIXON CIDER In her mouth hole Flowing down inside her Then grab her grandma Get some DIXON CIDER! Too old to handle all the DIXON CIDER And show her family your DIXON CIDER In her mouth hole flowind down inside her You might not get it yet so I’m gonna tell you again! HEY! Then you can shout it out and go tell all of your friends! HEY! I love DIXON CIDER! And I will til the day that die! HOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!………… I would even chosse it over….. Uhhh… I guess… pie? It makes me feel so good! I wanna have more DIXON CIDER! If I don’t get enough I’ll beg and plead! ’cause girl you know just what I need! I’m on a mission for a DIXON CIDER If your girl don’t want it! Then you best go hide her! ‘Cause I’ll find her give DIXON CIDER push, shove It all down inside her! Make her thirst for the DIXON CIDER! Put It on a string so I can ride her! All day. Every day. DIXON CIDER. Can’t wait to pour It all inside her! DIXON CIDER!!!!!! I was thirteen when I had my first DIXON CIDER I had so much When I’D talk, I would slur! NO, NO GET AWAY FROM ME BEAR, NO, NOOOO! YEAAH!! To see bloopers from this video and to see how the owners of dixon cider business reacted when they saw this video. Click the video right here!

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100 thoughts on “DIXON CIDER (Official Music Video)

  1. I listened to this like forever ago and was like oh imma listen to it again I was like 😳 Cus I used to sing it around the house

  2. When I was a lot younger I didn’t get the joke and played this in front of my mom, now I understand why she got so mad

  3. i remember telling my dad about this this cause i thought it was good, not realizing what it actually meant…😂💀

  4. I just got the joke now because I didn’t bother listen to that part….oh boy i sang this to my friend and now I regret it

  5. I can remember watching this when i was 10 and my mum told me off and i had no idea why… Now that I'm on a nostalgia trip i now understand

  6. I just stumbled upon this old gem and now I understand what it says… can’t believe I used to sing this song in public and blast it in the car cause my mom didn’t know English 😂

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