Do I Need a Business Card for My Cleaning Business?

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is
Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question. I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a woman who
is starting house cleaning company and wants to know; “Do I need a business card?” Alright, so this is going to contradict everything
that I’ve ever said about business cards because I’m a huge fan of business cards, and I think
that everybody needs a business card, but not for house cleaning. What? Not for house cleaning? What’s up with that? Okay so if you have a flyer that you run,
your flyers are going to have a specific set of things on that flyer, that are going to
tell people more than your business card. The purpose of a business card is to give
somebody something so that they can contact you back immediately. But a business card is small, and it gets
lost. So, what I recommend is this: Do you have
a worksheet? If you do not have a worksheet go over to Download yourself a worksheet. This is one that I’ve used for years. It works I’ve been using it for 25 years. It’s amazing. You can change all your contact information
and just print it out. So get a worksheet and print up several of
them. You’re going to use them for all of your
jobs, and keep them in the back of your car. When someone asks you for a business card,
do not give them a business card. Give them instead, a worksheet. Here is the reason why. A business card has what? It’s got a logo, it has your name, it has
a phone number, and an email address. That’s it. Some people put like a little coupon on the
back. “20% off.” What is 20% off? What does that mean? Does that mean you’re going to raise your
prices 20% so you can give me a 20% discount, and I pay the same price? What does that mean? It doesn’t really mean anything right? And although a business card as small, a worksheet
is not. A worksheet, my worksheet is three pages. And so what happens when I give you a worksheet
that has all my contact information on it? And it has a checklist of all of the things
that I do when I come clean your house. On the back page which is the third page for
me, it has all my rules and regulations. This is how I expect for us to work together. So, when you go through all that you’re like;
“Oh. Well, that’s super easy. I can follow all these rules. This woman does all these things. Well, I should have her be my house cleaner.” So instead of me giving you a business card
because that’s my opportunity to sell you something, I’m going to give you something
that will sell itself. So, when you go to my website, when you go
to my Facebook, when you go to whatever the social medias are so that you could vet me
– you already have a pretty good idea by the time you get there what you’re expecting. Now a business card is a little bit different
from just a referral for this reason. When somebody gives you a business card, they’re
giving it to you. “Here’s my business card.” It’s something physical I’m handing you. Because I’m handing it to you – you just met
me. You saw me in my uniform. You just met me; you saw my face, you know
what I look like. And you know if I’m articulate and you can
understand what it is I’m saying. Which is really important to a lot of people
who hire house cleaners. They want to be able to communicate with their
house cleaners. Are you articulate? When you hand someone your business card,
they can see that right up front. But when you hand them a worksheet, not only
are you articulate, and you’re in uniform, and you have a great personality. And now they know how to hire you. All of your rules are right there. Now one of the biggest referral techniques
that I have, and this is Magic listen to this. It’s people taking my worksheets that are
filled out – that I fill out at every single house every single time I clean. And they give that to their friends at the
school bus stop. They give that to their neighbors. Okay so what happens is they’re at the school
bus (stop) talking, and they say; “Oh man, my house cleaner quit on me.” and someone
that is standing there says; “Oh, I’ve got the best house cleaner ever. When I come back this afternoon to pick up
our kids from the school bus, I will bring you her information.” Now, of course, they have my information on
their phone, they could just retweet it or share the contact, or whatever, but they don’t. They bring back the worksheet. It’s got my contact information on it. It’s got my website. It’s got my email; it has a checklist of
all of the things that I’ve done. And it has all of my rules and regulations. I can’t tell you how many times over the last
25 years, I’ve gotten a call from someone they say; “Oh, I’m friends with so-and-so.” Oh great. I go over to bid the job and guess what? My worksheet, from someone else’s house, is
on their counter. They’ve already vetted me. They’ve got a referral from one of their friends,
someone that they know, like, and trust. And they already know what I do. My work is done. I don’t have to go through the whole reselling
the process or whatever. I go straight to the close. “How soon do you need someone? Why don’t we take a look through your house,
show me what you need to do, and let’s pull out our calendars and figure out a good time
for us to get you on my schedule.” I don’t I don’t have to sell. My worksheet already sold for me. So, are you going to use that opportunity
to hand someone a business card this says so very little about what you do? Or are you going to use that one opportunity
to actually close the sale? Do you need a business card? Yes, you can have one. Should you give it out? No. No, you should not. In every opportunity give someone a worksheet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been
in a neighborhood and I’ve been loading up my cleaning supplies in my car, and someone
will drive by. “Oh, you’re the cleaning lady I keep hearing
about. Do you have a card?” “I don’t. But let me give you this worksheet. It’s got all my contact information on it. If you have any questions, give me a call. I’d love to come by and give you a free estimate.” “Well, I just live two doors down. Can you run over right now?” “Well, I’m just finishing this job right
now, so yes I can. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” And so, then you go over, and you bid the
job. And the next thing you know, you’ve scheduled
two houses in the same neighborhood, for the same day that saves a whole lot of travel
time. Right? So use your marketing materials to the maximum. The exception for the business card rule is
this: Carry the business cards with you everywhere
you go. I carry them in a fanny pouch when I’m out
jogging. Or when I’m at the gym because I go to the
gym in my neighborhood. Or I go jogging in my neighborhood, so these
are the areas I’m marketing in. This is my market. So, when someone’s like; “Oh you’re the
housecleaning lady!” “I am. Here’s my card.” I don’t carry the worksheets that would just
be obnoxious, right? But I’m out running “I do I have a little
card right here, ” and you give them the card, okay that’s great. So there are a couple of occasions, but like
I say I’ve given out a handful of cards in 25 years. I’ve given out a boatload of worksheets. Alright, so that’s it for today. If you like
this tip please pass it along. Share it. Retweet it. Repost it. Repin it. Whatever you guys do, and if you have a question
head on over to Click on that little button and record your
question for me. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner
place than when you found it.

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22 thoughts on “Do I Need a Business Card for My Cleaning Business?

  1. wow nice idea, I feel like you just know everything I'm building my cleaning company and this is good

  2. angela i can tell your really in the helping business because not only are u informing us but your ALLOWING us to actually download your actual worksheets…………….that is really impressive …….MOST ppl would CHARGE SO MUCH to be able to access their website…………..but u havent mentioned a price so im ASSUMING its free……..but wow thx angela……….you rock

  3. How are you currently using business cards to promote your business?
    A: I pass them out every chance I get
    B: I only give them to someone if they give me one first
    C: I have a stash and rarely give them out anymore
    D: I never use them

  4. How do you find out if customers want you to clean daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly? Is this a conversation you have when you are bidding or will this information be on the worksheets? I'm just getting started and Im a bit confused.

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I have learned so much from watching "Ask A House Cleaner". You are helping me tremendously and so many other people as well.

  7. HI, I wanted to start off by saying I love you and watch your shows constantly! Thank you, for these little nuggets of wisdom.

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  9. How much for the business card and where can i get it ? You really encourage me to do clean service i been a house keeping for 3yrs and now i watch your video , you encourage me to start somewhere . thank you so much for your video

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