Do I Need a Website For My Coaching Business?

– Hey, what’s going on, Coach? It’s Lucas, and in today’s video I wanna share with you some truth, some real-talks, some no BS, about websites once and for all. I’m going to tackle this
dilemma, this question, this problem, this
recurring theme of coaches really being stuck on the website. All websites important? Are they not important? What should be on a website? How should we craft a website? Is there a better way? What’s the best practices? What, what’s all this website about and should I really spend
time building a website? That’s what I really want to get at, and I’m going to try and reach out and persuade and convince
you, as hard as I can, to really take my word, or
really understand concepts. I’m not just gonna tell you. I’m gonna try and understand some concepts and let you know why, so you
can make an informed decision, but I’m gonna let you know that I made this mistake for two years. I literally built every
like two, three months with my first coaching business, and then I would revamp it
because of my messaging, and everything else would change, and it wasn’t getting clients anyways. I’m gonna let you know,
right now, right off the bat, straight, that building a
website is not going to help you. You do not have to build a website. I’ma let you know that I
built well into the six figure coaching business without a website. Now, the next thing I’ll hear
is when you have a website, so you’re kind of hypocritical. I built my website way after. Now, I have a podcast. We interview marketing guest. We interview some pretty cool
celebrities in this space. I need to have a presence to be able to open up those opportunities, and even then, I wouldn’t
necessarily need website. It’s just a great way for me to organize all the content I have,
so I can present it. If you go to
you can get a pretty good example of why I have a
website and how it works, but I’ma let you know, you
don’t need a website right now. I’m gonna explain why, but a website if you don’t need a traditional website. I’m not gonna say that your not gonna have an online presence, but you’re only gonna
have two things online, and those are obviously the legend and the sales portion of your systems, and those will have a forward asset, an online asset, like a
lining page and a sales page, or something that talks about your product or talks about what it is you do. So, I’m not saying that you
don’t need to like a website, but I’m talking about the traditional Wix website or Squarespace website. I’m gonna challenge you,
right now, that if you’re building the website, I
want you to stop building it because months can go by,
and although it feel like we’re working, it’s just busy work. It’s not actually productive work. I want you to understand. It’s really three phases, or three steps, or three things that I
want you focusing on, and that’s getting attention
or we can call that driving traffic, attention traffic, you control your traffic
controlling the attention and that your first step. Website not gonna help you to do that. Number two is getting leas
getting people interested in traditional website we do
a poll job of doing that. Where as a one page
exchanging something of value. So we will see a video,
they see a piece of content they see page, version of content, they see a Facebook add. Whatever that is for you to get attention. In exchange you driving
that attention that traffic into something
could actually exchange for some information on them. Now they may not be a
client yet, there is four, there is a, relationship building
process, that gonna go here. But there a led or the
they are interested, they raise your hand and then they grab
something for free from you. Its because of the ethical pride, the lead man, that lining page, the free be the free gift. The terminology is less important then that exchange happens. I say that sounds a problem, I’m interested, I like that. Now you have got this responsibility. You got this job, of
building a relationship. So, you get a be warming them up, this doesn’t have to be
content every single day. You can hint hint, I don’t make this with webinar or some kind of presentation or something like you drive everyone to you. And from their you got the
sales portion of your final or the actual sales engine
that converts those needs and say “hey”. Would you like to book a call? Would you like to talk further? I know you are facing these problems. And these pinpoints, these specific problems
these specific pinpoints. And I have a solution
would you like to check. I called the three seas of couching. If you gonna get the client. You gonna get into the conversation, and if you gonna get into the
conversation, a connection must be made. In website doesn’t
accomplished any of that unless of course we want a
deem a cells funnel a website. I like you get a way with that but if your building pages
and you building stuff you building an up about me page, and all this stuff online. And its not directly
getting your attention or converting the attention into needs or helping you to convert
those leads into clients. I’m let you know that its,
a complete waste of time. I want you getting into conversation that’s all I want you doing that’s only, do with coaches, we don’t believe that not
coaches that you laying it. In the university or clients, they don’t have a website. Eventually they may build the website, I’m not saying don’t build the website. But I’m saying that work for some client. Let start generating some sales. Lets start building some momentum and now issues been. Wow. And now website, I get the passion with that stuff and now website will. Will paly a more important
role in your positioning and then opening up all the opportunities. So, if you like check a You gonna find some free stuff there. A lot of this stuff will help
you to built that sale funnel. But it will help you but the leaning, lean miner this sales portion. Building the email unless
all of that fun stuff. Imagine having a numeral list
of three thousand people. The perfect people, and I have have to do
some email and say “hey” I got some opining, to your counter link
that is the fastest way that is the best way to lavage yourself and get into a lot of
conversation with very interested people. So, I’m gonna needed of that. I’m gonna challenge you
lets put the website where you let close wix, lets close square bases close webwas. And lets put them away
for now and lets get five clients that my challenge. I’m I’m gonna let you
know that you can do that. Without all fancy stuff. You just some simple system and plays and you can get that with that say check at and at Lucasrubix someone
appear on Instagram all these videos come from questions of the Instagram page or the dm’s so don’t be afraid to slide up. In the dm’s and ask me any question you may have with that said. I truly hope this help and
I’ll challenge you soon. (ending music)

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