Do I REALLY Need to Appear on Camera to Promote My Business Online?

Do I really need to create videos for my business
and appear on camera in them? This is what I’ll cover in this video. You’re in the right place. I’ll talk about why it’s so important and
beneficial to be marketing with video and appearing on camera, some tips and tricks
to make that process a lot more relaxing and a whole lot easier. And then some strategies if even after hearing
all that you’re still like, absolutely no way I’m never ever appearing on camera. So let’s get started. So why is it so important to appear on video
now 78% of people would rather watch information rather than read it. And with our websites, it’s really important
that people spend a lot of time on our webpage and using video will increase often double
the amount of time people spend on your web page which is incredible.Now with all the
online content, it’s so important to try to be making a personal connection and directly
connecting and building trust. And there is nothing better than video to
do that, to be able to communicate with people in large numbers, but also look at them and
communicate and really give them a sense of what it’s like to work with you. Often with business, it’s not only the very
lowest price people are looking for, who would I enjoy working with? Who can I trust? Who do I like this is so important and video
is a great way to communicate that and to really bond with someone and people think
of marketing with video and in-person meeting as two completely separate processes and things
you go through and really 97% of people will look you up online before choosing to do business. So the person you met at marketing, you may
get to know them.A little bit, but they’ll probably look you up online. And if you have amazing, helpful trust building
videos that will really move the steps of the process along a lot further. And you know, this is just them looking you
up. So this is in your sleep, they’ll be googling
you seeing what you’re all about. And you can set another meeting and have already
built that trust. So it’s such an amazing tool. Now, I know for a lot of people, it’s just
very intimidating, appearing on camera. It’s as bad as public speaking. And it really is a skill it takes a while
to get really used to it and really relaxed but the nice thing about video is you can
do things over and over and get better at the process. And you only have to choose the very, very
best takes. If you have to do it 10 times. That’s completely normal. It doesn’t matter it’s just important that
you’re able to connect and be relaxed and really just be authentic, not trying to put
on an announcer’s voice but just really speaking as yourself, and it’ll take time to develop
that. But it will get easier and easier over time. Now you could do your voice with animations
over top. The only downside is there’s not quite the
same level of trust and connection. As with actually seeing someone speaking directly
to you. You can recruit someone from your office to
do it as well, especially if you have quite a few employees you want to make sure you’re
using like a couple different people are a couple different voices. The reason why you want a couple different
people to be speaking on camera for your videos is let’s say you have just one person doing
that and over the next year people will learn to know that person and like that person and
trust that person and build connection and they’ll be the face of your brand and everything
that you’re creating. Hold be attached.their face, and then that
person finds another job and leaves. And suddenly when you go to create a video,
it’ll be some random person. Whereas if it’s established from the beginning,
that it’s different people in the company speaking and connecting, it won’t be such
a big adjustment. If one person leaves and someone else has
to fill in or take their place, you shouldn’t just be talking about yourself and making
it all about me, me, me, you want to focus it on your customers and on your client, figure
out what their questions are, what info they want to know, how can you be helpful to them? How can you provide value to them that is
so important. And that’s what’s going to build the trust
a lot more. It’s going to work so much better if you focus
it all about them and listen to their comments and respond and really form those helpful
relationships we often have in our head this idea of what we look like and what we sound
like and it is really challenging seeing how people actually see us and hear us but this
is what people are already used to and we want to do everything we can to help our business
so we shouldn’t let insecurities get into the way so much of it is just about feeling
relaxed and feeling okay with messing up or making some mistakes. I have this video on shooting videos with
your phone and how to look your best and also with some additional tips on appearing on
camera and being relaxed. Click the card to watch that video now. So I promise that get some tips even if after
all, that you’re still thinking absolutely no way I’m not appearing on camera. We’re really at the end of the day. We want to connect and provide helpful info
and knowledge and help to our customers and clients. And there are a number of ways that we can
do that. We can do that through writing.With blog posts
or even creating and facilitating groups like a Facebook group or LinkedIn group, or podcast,
maybe you’re fine with having your voice appear, but just don’t want your face to appear. That’s another way you can connect with brand
new people and audiences. Now, video is one of the best because you
can build that additional trust and connection and you can embed it into your web page. And really Facebook is moving toward be more
and more a video platform and YouTube is huge. However, there’s so many ways that you can
connect and be helpful to your customers and clients. So I would love to hear from you. How do you get the majority of your customers
and clients? What are your frustrations? What’s been working really well I would love
to use that info to be able to help create content that helps you more and more in the
future. Thank you so much for watching this video
all the way through.Please subscribe and click the bell to be notified when I come out with
new content comment blueberry if you made it to the end you are a rock star. Thanks so much. I will see you in the next video.

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