Do More with Your Retail Store | Earn Extra Income as Commission on Every Service

(PLAYING SONG) People do a lot of things
to earn more money like this one… this one… or this one. But who is smart, always
do something different Let me introduce you
with Akhil Mishra He is the owner of a milk dairy He has a principle He never mix anything in milk But in business, he started something
new apart from selling milk. Well, I’m doing dairy
business for 10-12 years Now earnings is not
as much as before That’s why now I’ve started business
like bill payments and prepaid recharge How!!!
Because of PayNearby Now everything is fine. Totally digital. This is Mr. Aqib Rizvi and he has stationary shop He already used to sale
copy, books, pencil, but due to demand of time he
started the business of ticket booking At the beginning, everything was going fine, but as time passed by, people
started keeping printers at home and my earnings slowly reduced and that time, I found this
to save my drowning business PayNearby, nowadays normally
I booked 20 tickets per day. Now you can assume the rest. Now let me introduce you with him. He is Kulbhushan Khare. He has a grocery shop, which is not only famous in his
area, but also in nearby areas Do you know why? Come, let’s ask him… Our grocery shop is the
oldest shop in this area At present, many big
stores has opened here, but the number of our
customers didn’t decrease. They still do their
shopping from our shop Why? Because we went with the time. We have adopted PayNearby! Now customers got satisfaction
and we earned our profit. By using PayNearby, you can give
services like money transfer, cash withdraw, cash deposit,
bill payments, ticket booking, and recharge to the customers and can attract more customers
and earn extra income. Give a missed call to 180030002030 Be the Digital Pradhan of PayNearby and give your business a new height. With PayNearby now every shop
is ‘Digital Pradhan’

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