Do You Have a Business Plan for 2018?

Hey everybody Eric Worre here. Welcome
to Goal-setting, game plan, strategy, is
really, really important. One of the things that I worked, when I when I coach
the top earners in the profession, when I coach people who are making millions
of dollars a year, guess what one of the most important things that we spend time
on is? We spend time on mapping out their year before the year starts. So at this
time of year, it’s my favorite time because me personally, I create my
strategy for, I’m creating right now, my strategy for 2018. I’m mapping out every
single aspect of it. I teach other people and I coach other people how to do the
same exact thing and you might not think that that’s important. Let me tell you a
few reasons why it’s important. Number one, Network Marketing is so forgiving
that it’s easy for us to lose a day. You might not miss a day of work, but you can
miss a day of network marketing just like that. I call it a lost day
and it’s real easy. We can get caught up by social media or whatever and some
distraction shows up we get the sniffles. We don’t feel like it, we’re not
motivated that day, and we lose that day. And it’s very easy for a lost day to
turn into five lost days, turn into a lost week, turn into a lost month. You can
get off track and boom three weeks is gone. And when I ask the top
earners in the network marketing profession if they just had to divide
their time between lost days and productive days over the course of a
year and if they look back 12 months and you could do this right now,
how many lost days of your network marketing business? How many days of the
last 365 days were lost? In other words, they’re completely ineffective for
building your network marketing business and then how many were productive? Okay, if you just divide it in that simple formula,
the top earners, I’m talking million dollar-a-year earners. They typically
lose minimum six months out of the year. Six months out of the year. Gone, lost. Why? A million reasons, but they have six months of productive days and that puts
them ahead of most people. But do you think that’s a good standard to have six
months of lost days and the rest of it productive days? The rest of it
contribution days, the rest of it legacy and purpose days. That’s probably not a
good number right. So one is – we need to eliminate lost days and help you to
become closer to the top achievers in network marketing. Number two, there are times of the year that are challenging for network marketing. So, the first two
weeks of January is typically very challenging, very low production in
network marketing. If you take Easter or tax time
that’s another low production time. The summer months, when people have more
distractions, kids at home, those types of things can be a challenge. The
holidays, Thanksgiving through January 1st are also challenging times. And if
you enter 2018 without having a plan far ahead of time, you can’t be in the middle
of the summer and say gosh I got to do something. You have to plan far in
advance to be able to manage those down seasons. There’s a lot of strategies
that I can teach you specifically how to manage all of those down times. How to
get the most productivity out of each month that you possibly can. Keeping your
group productive while everybody else is distracted. Third reason why mapping this
stuff out is because simply if you put your game plan, your business plan on
paper for 2018 before it starts your productivity will double. Minimum. Double.
If you have a plan, if you know where you’re going, it’s really really helpful.
And the other thing that I do with people is I help them set goals
because sometimes we just need a target. There’s daily goals, weekly goals, monthly
goals, annual goals and we set goals. And I’m gonna teach you specifically how
to set goals in these areas of personal growth goals, skill goals, personal
recruiting goals, rank advancement goals, leadership development goals. We’re gonna
kind of encompass all of this. When I finish this myself, I usually end up with
ten pages minimum typed of my business plan for the year. Ten to
fifteen typically pages typed out that creates my roadmap for the year. It’s my
treasure map for the year. So if any of this sounds
interesting to you, if you if you can see the value in engaging in this type of
planning, playing like the pros play, learning how to create a personal
strategic plan for 2018, I have good news for you. On December 9th I’m going to do
a special live three-hour course designed to answer all of these
questions and make 2018 the best year of your network marketing career. I’m going
to cover all the things that we talked about in detail. I’m going to walk you
through just the same way that I coach people who pay me six-figures a year for
coaching. I’m going to coach you on this webcast. Specifically
step-by-step how to create this strategy for your business. Now this works for you
if you’re brand new, this is really, really important for you. If you’re
intermediate, maybe you’re part-time and you you feel like you have some
unfinished business inside of network marketing; you haven’t ever really hit
your potential; you haven’t really got it going maybe you’d like to go full-time,
but you haven’t quite figured out how to do that, this is gonna help. And if you’re
a serious player, this will probably help you most of all. Because if you’re
serious about this business, you’re full time person in this business; I can take
that with these strategies and I can use these strategies to help you create
massive change and massive growth. More rank advancements, more income, more
duplication, more leadership development, more goals being hit than ever before.
So beginner, intermediate, advanced, you all need to be there. I will tell you
frankly, you want to really get a head start on 2018? Get as many
people on your team as you possibly can to register for this same special live
online event. We’ll get this year planned out before it even starts. We’ll plan out
2018 here in 2017. We’ll do it together. Whoever gets the most people on this
webcast is gonna win. It’s as simple as that.
So, I hope you see value in this. I hope you want to get coaching for somebody
who works with the top in the world and helps them achieve their goals. I want to
help you achieve your goals. So, click on the link. Get yourself registered. Circle
December 9th on your calendar. Move everything out of the way and be part of
this special event with me. You’re gonna get tremendous value and I’m excited to
be able to talk to you. So, click on the link. Get yourself registered and I’ll
see you December 9th. Take care everybody. Bye-bye.

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  2. Hi Mr a starter in network marketing my second day into network marketing still writing a game plan for 2018 no real strategy. love to try your game plan strategy never seen it before.Where can i get it and am starting full time into network marketing going pro.

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