Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

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100 thoughts on “Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

  1. yes. he is spot on. all this new stuff. all these lies now exposed. we need a new philosophy; some way to think about it all. he says it goes back to theology which I suppose it does; but most of us are tangled with the old faux religions which are traps; so until philosophy shows us the way I think theology isn't our friend. but neither atheism nor petersens own darwinian materialism can possibly be the right answer. I would be happy to tell him why..

  2. well i'm a recovered feminist. I know its demonic. I am prepared to stop the feminazis. but if I do I would just hang the worst and remove the vote for them arrested the third time for riotous behaviours. so I am probably a harsh sort of cure..

  3. Sometimes picking up a load can cause serious troubles. Like when you commit yourself to the pursue of goodness and virtue. This can unsettle certain wicked powers and weaken their position of power. In every day life you can become a pariah and get framed because of picking up a load or a responsibility like telling the truth, being fair or other virtuous pursuits.

  4. I remember the 70's in Europe and it was incredibly intellectually open and free. People enjoyed provocative left field questions and interesting new ideas.. no one imposed a rigid orthodoxy on people. An accepted narrative that you wernt allowed to stray from or risk suffering serious sanction… The "you cant say that" mob seemed to appear in the late 80's centred around the Marxist feminist, politically correct left. They got control of education and the media but forgot the internet, and they cant admit openly that the control they want is not compatible with a free modern society. They've kind of left themselves nowhere to go.

  5. When confronted with truth or reality, people will deny the existence of the truth because of their reality. Much the same as a dog who will not cross a point in his owners yard because he is used to having a fence which is no longer there.

  6. The only group you need to succeed in life is a family that is normal and stable, and a successful economy.

  7. If you want the complete truth then RESEARCH THE FLAT EARTH TOPIC NOW!!! YOU WILL LEARN THE EXACT TRUTH……!!! DO IT NOW.

  8. Some thoughts. Is the world of the Saudi men and women in their ultra traditional roles to be envied above the Westerners? Are most women in the Western society on the rampage against males? Are there not balanced people to be found among us who are comfortable with themselves and each other? I don't doubt that there are idealogical movements on campuses but then beyond that there is all kinds of chaos of a different nature, the fallen nature, that never really washes out, but keeps on repackaging itself.

  9. I never bought into the lefty nonsense ab’t Peterson. Oppressed DWI? Hah! Yrs ago I saw Shapiro debate Max Blumenthal on Israel with Shapiro beaten badly. Good times. JP figured out how to monetize opposing the SJ crew. Good for him. I never had any use for either. All offset by freak show Trump chaos, the Republican Party, Big Oil, Russia & Israel. A formidable opposition. Peterson is impressive as long as you’ve never seen him with *ucker Carlson with Peterson looking next to death talking about youth mental health.

    Reminding me of 2014 when Dr Ben Carson was on Fox “News” looking sad & sick himself talking to a female host ab’t terrorists putting Ebola laced urine in US drinking water. Then you hear, “hey, they all do it, they all lie bc they’re all the same Party” when trying to normalize Hannity Dobbs conservative compulsive liars4hire.

  10. Firstly, stop using the terms "collective and collectively". Stop living under the Marxist idea the if we all just look, act, and think the same way, that the world will become a peaceful utopia. Imagine a world with that type of collective hive mind. Sounds like a page right out of George Orwell's " 1984" or Aldus Huxley's "Brave New World". That type of distopic society not only sounds boring but also very dangerous to personal liberty and free will. We as human beings will never look, act, and think the same way. Want proof, travel through any country's rural and urban areas, what you will find is stark contrasts.

  11. Let me mansplain wile you womensplain responsibly means growth of ears ,for each gender . Love your honesty. But Love each other.

  12. Karl Jung mentioned our collective consciousness and I feel like we're watching a polarization of it. I feel like I'm in a "take reality show" when I go out into my society

  13. The thing I love about JP is he sees value in both sides of the political spectrum. On the converse, he sees the negative pitfalls of both sides.

  14. I really can't believe people pay huge sums of money to get an ink stain on a piece of paper from these soothsayers.

  15. This all started with the fall of masculinity. Women were made to step up the second the man fell unfortunately good men are few and far between. If you’re reading this no matter what age you are you need to strive to be the best man you can be and then teach the young men and even older men around you how to be a better man.

  16. why is there red and blue scattered amongst logos and flags? The roman catholic church can tell you that answer. its called the inquisition, that is still going strong to this day folks. Its City of london uk, Vatican in rome and washington DC usa. the triple crown.

  17. Disappointing. Filmmaker makes much mention of C4 Cathy Newman interview but plays no clips in evidence. Then there's a long interview with Greenhall from 11:45 – too much of a digression imo. So I gave up at that point.

  18. Yes but the evil blue Church controls YouTube and I'm turning it into television we're dragging and kicking and screaming

  19. The sjws control YouTube they control all of the big internet sites just like they control the mainstream media that's the problem they have to have the levers of control tour why from their hands

  20. The collective rage in women is misplaced. They live consequence free lives by and large and if they were actually brought under the law like men and were imprisoned for the same things men were the rage would go to the target it should go to, the woman in the mirror that is the real author of her own problems.

  21. "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”

    -Alvin Toffler

  22. 34:38 – 41:21 is very powerful and very correct. Women have so much power that is untapped, and there are shadowy sides to both genders – but collectively, humanity needs to wake up to this knowing within and our capacity to come together w what constitutes and fully embodies these divine masculine and feminine archetypes.

  23. MSM is dying a slow politically correct death. Its ugly sure! But we need it and will master it. We are ingenious

  24. Life is duality , information , no matter the source should always be levvyed in on atleast 50% intuition before soaking anything in . We are born with this . Use it . Polarise .

  25. Too bad YouTube is becoming just as bad as the msm and censorship. This platform is dying a slow but sure death because of it. Sad to see a corporation turn its back on its own citizens and their constitutional rights to follow a dead msm protocol. They've become the enemy of the people. All they produce is false disinformation on topics that do not matter and zero information on topics that do. It's North Korea all over again! And the sick part…. some Americans are actually FIGHTING for it!!! Let THAT sink in!!!

  26. She said an unknown rage…like my mother…I could see the rage,,the insanity in her eyes when I was a child…women need to also take responsibility…then I saw this in all women…then social engineers say males are toxic,, a form of insanity they believe…and who raised these toxic males?…toxic women who blame man for their toxic rage.

  27. My mother ruined us…three toxic males and three toxic females…we all rage and foam at the mouth…but now…in retrospect….I see where my rage comes from…without blame…without remorse…I understand me…and with self therapy….from books,,talking to wisdomic people…and looking at the unchanged behavior of those who hated me as a child…the dots began to connect…and the healing began

  28. So far to the right would be perfect. Blue Church = Synagogue of Satan. Red religion = controlled opposition. Sodomy and abortion is blue. Reds say, okay. The WHITE CHURCH is order.

  29. Feminism–globalism–multiculturalism-it's all a lie. An Orwellian control grid social engineering media propagated lie designed to DIVIDE us against each other into warring factions…then CONQUER our weakened depleated selves. The controllers figured out a long time ago that the easiest way to destroy people is to instigate conflict within our own ranks and let us destroy each other so they won't have to. Feminism is the perfect example. Divide the women AGAINST their own men. Once the men (the stronger ones) have been destroyed it's easy to move in and destroy the stragglers (women and children). Same with Multiculturalism. Throw all the races together and let them tear each other to shreds then mop up and TAKE OVER.

  30. Jordan Peterson and Stephan Molyneux are two of the most insufferable personalities on the internet. Listening to them talk ideas wastes more of your time than if you chose not to think about anything at all.

  31. Identity politics cannot be defeated, realize this and realize immigration are imported new votes against you. 70% of all immigrants vote democrat. So why do you folks continue to support immigration.

  32. The problem with JP is (leaving his theism aside for the moment) is he really doesn't understand the difference between left and right. He has bought into the insane idea that you can be too far right. You can't. No part of the right disdains change, we only ask that it be done through evolution, not revolution. There is no such thing as "extreme" right, by it's very definition it merely, at most, wants to return to previous values. Only the left can be "far" or "extreme" because they are the ones that want to change, or overturn, traditional values.

  33. Love it. Best piece I have seen is a long long LONG time. Thank you for taking the time to compile and share. I have shared the link with conservative friends as well as liberal. Hope they get something from it just as I did. Thank you.

  34. I've been trying to tell people this for a while now. 99.999% of people are in the center. They have common sense, not ideology. But truly, it's more like a circle. Far far right and far far left governments do exactly the same things to their citizens. Look at Nazis on the far far right and Communist on the far far left. Basically the citizens lived in the same circumstances given different names.

    So, as is said in this program, it's our DUTY to start talking to one another, agree to disagree, and realize – we aren't that different in our daily lives and families and ethics. The media and politicians try to divide and conquer. People don't realize that the uber rich are playing us like puppets. These sociopaths and psychopaths (literally) are deciding which groups will be enemies at any particular time. They do this at Bilderburg & Trilateral Commission, etc meetings. It's sent out to the media. They're used to whip people into a frenzy. Even scripted. They LOVE to use racism and politics to do this.

    We toil away in servitude to a faceless corporation to feed our families and provide shelter, while these bastards own 98% of the wealth of the world! THEY are the orchestrators of ALL the division! As long as we're distracted fighting amongst ourselves, they can destroy the planet and lobby the politicians to allow them to do any dirty underhanded thing to the masses, basically anything they want. And one of the things they want, infact NEED, is to keep you so busy working to provide for your loved ones and so busy fighting with the other little guy that you pay no attention to them and the vastly unfair systems we live under.

    Until we all stop being their puppets nothing will change and the world will become a dump while we kill each other for whatever tribe we belong to??! SMH

    These multi billionaire types are incapable of empathy or remorse. Many studies have shown this to be so. PLEASE people! Wake up! Take a look around and realize who your real enemy is and why they keep you hating the 'others'. It's been going on for millennia now.

    Remember the 99% peaceful protest that ended in the people being permenently blinded and scarred with military grade pepper spray? Why such overwhelming force? They let cities be destroyed over provocated racism, but when people protest this system…. They really bring the pain! It's why we ALL need to stand together! They cannot stop us all. Talk to your neighbors about what's REALLY happening. Do it for your children.

  35. yes just a next stage of the illusion the lady did a perfect job as did Jordan both did their best to do the script justice this isn't red or blue just their way of progressively mindfucking you

  36. Intellectual dark web? Screw you and anyone that uses that. It’s a word created by Mainstream Media and proof they’re scared when they don’t control the narrative. I loved Peterson’s latest book… read it!

  37. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, landowners bankers along with all the wealthies people on this horizontal line are working together against the rich, the middle class, and the poor. Using lies, deceptions, limitations, etc…. education, NASA, media, governments. No integrity, no dignity, no truth in them. They are the predator and we are the prey.

  38. We are in captivity if you can't see that you don't know what freedom is and I don't blame you when you born a slave. Your mind have been stolen from you

  39. I'm not a mathematical scholar but play one on YouTube. Balance is not 1/2's but in 1/3's balance in the middle

  40. What about operating from a soul level and stop playin into a gender script? I personally enjoy surrounding myself with two spirited gender people as I am one (someone who channels both female/male energy to navigate through life). I find those people are much more in touch with a higher state of consciousness. In the spirit world there is no gender there is no race there is no competition — this is pure love, pure acceptance, and pure synchronicity — that is the world I want to live in. But maybe I’m living at the wrong time/dimension and my view point is weak in its argument. Something has to change as we are spiraling downward at an alarming rate as a species because we focus more on differences than similarities. So many unhappy people and low vibrating humans creating a world that is fear based. ~~ Signed Cookie

  41. Who will replace MSM ? Know one , i believe that's the plan to destroy all credibility destroy the fabric of society until where left with know one to trust and turn on each other . We are being forced to take sides . Establishment agenda . Keep the citizens divided and maintain control . I believe we could be witnessing the beginning of the end of America . I believe the powers at be are setting the stage for the next culling of humans . A population of this magnitude is threat . Culture is broken god is dead respect is lost we have become divided and jaded sick and that's the excuse they are building and society is falling into trap and won't wake up until it's to late . Human nature !

  42. Beware Jordon Peterson. There is much to be skeptical about but Peterson draws some mistaken and dangerous conclusions. He is a pseudo intellectual with an agenda. Find some authentic resources for your intellectual pursuits.

  43. Liberalism has been hijacked by evil technocrats. A truly open mind must be open to all possible perspectives, even to those it disagrees with. Orwell said ''It is not power that corrupts absolutely, but obedience'' . The victimhood culture disgusts me. It's time to speak out now against the encroachment of tyranny. This will very certainly be our last chance to do so.

  44. There are only two real 'intellectuals' in the so-called 'Intellectual Dark Web'. Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson and their area of expertise is limited to what they have trained themselves. The rest are all radio/talk show hosts at best. What people need to notice and be careful about is that all these intellectual/political/academic and media forums are pretty much made exclusive to the Jewish community. They are on both sides of the aisle in order to be the judge, jury and executioners of any important issue the country has to face. This kind of coordination helps to drive their broader global agenda. Unless this monopoly is broken and diverse intellectual voices are brought in, the problems most countries (including the US) face will persist into the next generation.

  45. what people, male and female, are angry about are being sexually repressed by religion (or sexualized by pop culture media–two sides same coin). anyway, monotheism is at fault for this, and tribalism was destroyed by the nuclear family. worker owned cooperative business are best whereby whole families/friend circles can work in close knit circles with the youngsters running about near by…back to the tribal mode where BOTH parents are working in same co-owned businesses and the whole family-aunts uncles grandmother etc stay in tact. the problem is not feminism breaking the nuclear family but the nuclear family destroying the extended tribal mode. Hippys tried this but drugs and big corp got int he way but I have a model to make this work through a franchise model (audiobooks on my channel) (heavy into editing my books so excuse the grammar, I have "editors block:)

  46. Seen alot about this thing called reality .. can anyone define or explain or tell me what reality really is ? What is the reality that we aren't seeing that will eventually assert itself and everyone is going to go .. ohhhh ! Trump 2020 !

  47. 17:51 Can someone please explain how that attack was misogynistic? I mean its like if someone does the format of comparing female who got rekt to another female who got rekt (I mean fine, Chris's attack jokes may be distasteful but still) then it's sexist? I don't see how.

  48. prohibition happened because men were drinking away the paychecks–does anyone wonder why women may feel more secure in the workforce? what about the hunger of the intellect, the expression of the innovative spirit inherent in all of us (after all, women most likely invented agriculture?) then we have the issue of wife battery, how many have no financial escape from this? then we have the fact of incest (1in3 girls/1in5boys). then we have the fact that we live in a military-industrial complex. do I support women in the military? no–but neither do I support men in the military doing the dirty work for Big Oil. do I praise a feminist climbing her way up the ladder at Lockheed or Coca Cola? no, but I also do not support the man in this endeavor. we ALL need to go towards entrepreneurship in the sustainable marketplace, worker cooperatives (no day care necessary–bring the little ones to work and set up a play room:) this is the solution, all this "dialectic" misses the big bad bullet points of this BS military industrial complex. we ALL need to get out of that horrifying limiting paradigm and push forward the holistic, entrepreneurial, organic, hemp, co-op, yoga, fair trade, simple living, Zen splendor of a brilliant new paradigm!!

  49. funniest interview on the net…. will he notice that all the years is in edit-mode. a censor world .. even wikimedia does very well financially as well as deleting any thing they want , same with google , ++++++++ could imprint generations of minds .could ~? waking up the timelines first of how to convince or entrap . the mainstream is the dark ….when the A I does more thinking ( which masses of population could effect ~) opposite of its controllers… maybe the satellites may learn stir-fry .. mit and many more will the A I have to pick the difference of lib/consv/a cia good/bad/ language outcreate a one world language .. a i style… that is there already yet most are with some kind of computer by now ~ fast or slow/ controllers/ not so hidden… the play on the public for net neutrality ~, nura nuro head s a glitch —————————————–

  50. Can we please stop calling it the “Mainstream Media” and instead call it what it is, viz, Corporate Media. That lot are playing to the 60s generation because so many of those people aren’t accustomed to the fact that it’s biased and always has been. Say what you will about the current group of 20-somethings but they do think for themselves even if you don’t agree with them. People who won’t think for themselves will be left behind and so will Corporate Media.

  51. When people click on a video and the truth and facts make them uncomfortable they will continue to click on videos that make them feel good and 90% of the Time they end up watching a video pushing a agenda of fantasy and feelings The long them effect of this will kill morals and values and you will end up living in a fantasy world and the information that makes you feel good becomes true facts when really it's just a feeling with no facts or truth which will kill morals values & culture!!

    Get right with God harder times are coming

  52. Most intellectuals are mentally blinded by a stagnant loop of information and thought. They won't conclude otherwise, until some peer, or pressure makes them. And then only to force the round into the square because of there self created mental prison.

  53. You can use your brain..or you can allow others to feed it and use it for you! The history of LOCK STEP always in all ways linked to some fascist ideology..Socialists can be, and often are fascists! Think Stalin and Lenin!

  54. On the upside, mainstream medias ratings are on a downward spiral. Rejoice and speak out. Together, we do make a difference!

  55. Jordan Peterson is too smart for MSM and it scares them. I no longer watch their garbage and prefer alternative media, checking in with my own internal radar on who's worth listening to. We need more Jordan Petersons and less social media.

  56. Yay death to mainstream media Off With Their Heads! They suck so bad and I'm so happy to hear the good news

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