DOMINATE LOCAL SEO: How to Advertise Google My Business Reviews on Adwords with Location Extensions

All right, well hey everybody. Rob Satrom from Feedbackwrench. We help small businesses go from good to great
and I want to help general contractors, construction workers, services business. It can be house cleaners, chimney repair,
kitchen remodelers, concrete driveways, concrete repair, any service based business. I’m going to show you how to utilize Google
My Business with Google Ads in order to drive tons of leads and I’m just giving away advice
here. We do digital marketing. We also just help small businesses and entrepreneurs
head upward and forward. I love helping people become an entrepreneur. We help you reduce taxes, but just pay attention
here, if you have a service business. Now, everybody knows right now one of the
biggest problems for small businesses is it is incredibly difficult to win on Google. Not only that, we’ve got the problem of the
aggregators. The aggregators are HomeAdvisor, House, Thumbtack. So let’s just say I search a core commercial
keyword. Now, core commercial keywords are the keywords
that matter the most to you. They’re your core services. They’re not long tail keywords or anything
like that. If you do kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling,
the keywords that matter the most to you are kitchen remodeler, bathroom remodeler, remodeling
contractor, right? If people are searching remodeling contractor,
what does that mean? They’re looking for a contractor. That’s going to be so important to win on. For example, if a core commercial keyword
could be house cleaning companies. If I’m looking for a house cleaning company,
what does that probably mean? It means that I want a house cleaning company. I know that I need a solution. These are hard to win. These are competitive keywords and not only
that, but we’ve got these aggregators down here which are just disgusting. You’ve got Yelp or HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Here’s what I want you to know guys, if you
have a service business, should you be investing in Thumbtack? Should you use Thumbtack a lot? Thumbtack, there’s a bunch of these. HomeAdvisor is probably the one that most
people use the most and HomeAdvisor I’ll make them pay. When you build out your HomeAdvisor profile,
sure you can get leads right away. Why do you get leads right away? Because they will pop up in the top ranked
Google searches. The moment that Google does not want to award
Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, House, Zillow, and these third party aggregators that lets you
get reviews and then they have customer testimonies. The moment that Google doesn’t reward them,
they’re not going to be worth anything. Not only that, would you build up those profiles
on Angie’s List and different HomeAdvisor. You know what happens? You’re building up their domain authority,
you’re helping their company out, and why would you invest into their digital presence? I want you to invest in your own. So if you’re a consultant, a digital marketer,
if you help small businesses or any business with digital marketing, you better be telling
them that Google My Business is the most important thing to invest their time in right now. And the reason why it’s the most important
to invest their time in is eventually what’s going to happen here, out West they’re already
doing this, but eventually what’s going to happen is Google’s going to have Google home
services. They’re going to take over Angie’s List, Thumbtack,
Home Advisor, House. I could foresee them getting into the real
estate space if they can get through the bureaucracy of government. I’m telling you, when you invest with Google,
you invest with Bing, you invest with Facebook, they’re the ones that are going to win because
they hold the keys to the castle. Right now your version of this is your Google
My Business account. Back to the original idea here, you’ve got
your core commercial keywords. Help plan out your core commercial keywords. The other thing that you should be doing is
your core commercial keywords. Here’s an example of a website that understands
their core commercial keywords. This is a site that I run. We’ve got concrete driveways, concrete patios,
concrete driveway aprons. Your site should be marked up and optimized
in a clean way and showing that you do work around your core commercial keywords. You need to decide not only the keywords that
are relevant that have search volume to them, but you also need to find out if it’s something
that you want to win at. Is it a keyword or is it a service that’s
high enough margin that it matters to you? Is it something that you want to do more work
of? If you actually want to do more work on it
because it’s profitable, then you should go after it. But if it’s a low margin, high effort activity,
then you shouldn’t be doing it. So to find your core commercial keywords,
you’ll find that there’s some tools out there that you can use. One of the tools that I will use is called
Ahrefs. This is a great tool. It’s expensive, but what you can do is you
can create these keywords and I’ve done some research around remodeling. So let’s just say you’re a kitchen, bathroom
and basement remodeler or maybe even exterior remodeler. If you go to your keyword explorer here within
Ahrefs, let’s see if that’s going to reload, pay for the fastest internet on the planet,
it takes a long time. Let’s see how this goes. What you’ve got, I’ve done some homework to
find out … Let’s do a different list. If you’re a digital marketer, you already
know this. But here’s an example of core commercial keywords
that matter for digital marketing, for web design and different types of businesses like
this. So basically I’ve done the research to find
out what matters the most and when you look here, what you’re going to see is you’ve got
the core in this list, this tool, you go into the keywords, you can go start exploring,
but you’ve got the core keyword of web design. That across the entire United States get 63,000
searches a month. The cost per click on Google Adwords right
now if we were to advertise with that is $16 a click. That’s highly expensive. Why is that? Because if people search webdesign, chances
are there’s a high margin, lower effort project about to be done so people make money on it
so your cost per click is pretty high. You’ve got life insurance and stuff in that
sector or remodeling construction. Roofing is astronomically high. There’s an insurance ones and investment ones
that are $45 a keyword because corporate America is bidding on them. But what we’re doing here is we’re finding
our core commercial keywords, so in this it’d be web design, web developer, web development,
video production, marketing agency. And what we’re seeing here is there’s a decent
amount of monthly searches nationwide. Besides that, these are people looking for
graphic designers, website development, marketing agency, general contractor. Instead of kitchen remodeling ideas, here’s
an example. You’ve got kitchen remodeling ideas. Let’s look at what the return for that is. You’ve got some people paying up on the top,
a snippet to an ad in Lowe’s and then a whole bunch of websites that show ideas. 70 kitchen remodeling ideas. This is a magazine. That doesn’t show intent, they want ideas
there. Now you can get in on that, but right now
K2 bath design they might be getting some business from this, but they are also probably
paying a great deal of money. Here’s their landing page where if we look
at kitchen remodelers near me or kitchen remodelers, look at what pops up. On the top you’ve got Google Ads. People are paying. We’re going to be using some of that tactic. Get HomeAdvisor, HomeAdvisor is actually advertising
on this. Then you have your local snippet. This is the Google My Business local snippet. Folks, this is one of the most important things
you could possibly work on and then you have your organic results. Look at this, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Thumbtack,
Home guide, third party aggregators are winning. Like I said, you invest in them, Eventually
they will go away. They also can get you business right away,
but let’s invest in your website instead. Let’s go back to my original search. Let’s look at an example. Here’s an example of something that we had
done. I had a local small … So here’s the tactic
that I want people to understand work so well. If you use your Google My Business profile
and you go in and get a ton of reviews on your Google My Business profile that are authentic
and real, then what we can do is in about a 10 mile radius around your business, we
can dominate. And the way you do that as you use Google
Ads with a local extension tied to your core commercial keyword, Google Ad. So here’s an example. You search graphic design companies. If you’re a graphic design company in Prior
Lake in about an eight mile circle around Prior Lake Minnesota, here’s what’s going
to happen. We wanted to win with Neon lizard Design,
so what we did is we found that keyword and a couple other keywords, we created an ad
for it. Here’s the ad that she wrote, Neon Lizard
Creative, local quality graphic design in Prior Lake Minnesota. Professional results, great value. We’re spending money every time this goes
up, but then what we did is we connected her Google My Business account to that Google
Ads account and synced a location extension and added the location extension. Here’s why that’s important. Look at what happens on the Google My business
results. Down here because she has an extension and
where I was searching was fairly close to where she is within her 10 mile radius or
eight mile radius, you can only do this in about an eight mile radius, the Google My
Business pops up. Here’s another really compelling use of this. When you go into house cleaners near me, that’s
a core commercial keyword. Up top you’ve got your advertisers, down here
you’ve got your Google My Business. Here’s a client of mine that I love. We’ve done tons of optimization and work to
win in her 10 mile radius. Here’s her business, ten mile radius, she
wins in the local snippet here. But now watch this, not only is this the most
compelling trustworthy type of ad you can do because people look at that and they go,
oh, it’s local. I could see where they are. There’s my house. Oh, look at that. 30 six reviews. Let’s check them out. I don’t necessarily want to go through here,
so when I click, here’s the amazing part of this tactic I’m going to show you. These guys are doing this tactic against my
client while I’m looking at the reviews of Tidy Touch, look at what pops up over here
because these two had done a Google Ad with a Google local extension. They were able to pop up in the Google My
Business. This is compelling. I see 99 reviews and quite frankly, I am tempted
to at least check out her reviews. Now on the map here, you’ll see that she’s
this dynamic duo, they’re way up North, Tidy Touch is way over here, but I’m down here. You’re going to be able to steal clients if
you implement this. Here’s the steps that you do. You find your core keywords that you want
to dominate in, make them be core commercial keywords. You should only pick a couple of them and
only do about a seven or eight mile radius around your business, maybe 10 to 12 miles. We’ve done some testing and I found 10 miles
is really what it is. Once you do that, what I would encourage you
to do is create an ad and the ad should be a lot like what we had here. Whatever the top result and in the Google
Ad is, you could just cheat and copy off of people. She’s up here not just because she’s outbidding
everybody, but also because she’s written an ad that has a high ad rank and has all
of the signals working for it. Once you’ve done that, you add the location
extension. You actually need to go into your Google account
and once you’re in your Google account, you go to a campaign and once you have a campaign,
here’s a basic one I don’t even know if we’ve got … This account isn’t actually on right
now, but what you’ll do is you’ll go to ads and extensions and you’ll sync an ad either
at the account level or the campaign level or even the ad group level. You’ll add an extension and what you’ll do
is you’ll do the location extension. This one right here, location extension. And if you’ve synced your Google My Business,
you’re going to be able to sync your locations tied to your Google My Business account. If that’s not working, you’re going to have
to go into your setup and do a little bit of work to get that there. Once you’ve done that though, I tell you what,
having a Google My Business account that’s dominant, that has tons of reviews, is going
to help you steal search results. Because as you go, most consumers are doing
this, you Click on the top one. Either A, you’ll show up on the top or B you’ll
be able to dive in like this. That’s a huge win for you. That’s my tips. Hope that was helpful. Have a great day.

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