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Hey guys and welcome to “flying with Dominic” Today, Stefan is flying home with Egypt Air from Johanesburg and I’m flying with Alitalia. The reason for that is that we had two separate tickets, because Alitalia had a great discount that had to be booked seperately. And we were scheduled to fly home on the 27th, but then our flights were changed, but only one of us got rebooked yada yada yada. In the end, Stefan took the chance to fly with another airline and so I’ll do “Flying with Dominic”. At first, I was at the Slow Lounge, which is what I’m showing you right now. The lounge really offered a lot. Their bar and the food really stood out for me, even though I only had a drink. Now I’m going to the Priority Pass Lounge with Stefan, so we can enjoy the last half an hour together. And now, enjoy my video! Alright, I have arrived at my seat, but Stefan reserved the wrong one for me. And that’s the problem. Stefan was supposed to sit here. and I would have been one row further to the front. Oh well, now I’m sitting in 5J… I don’t mean to complain, but, hey Stefan, I wouldn’t want your seat again, because… This thing looks very pretty, but I can’t use it at all. Plus it’s relatively dark. This isn’t Dominic complaining, but hey, it’s okay, I can’t do anything about it. I’ll try to do this like Stefan. What can I find at my seat? You guys already kind of know from Stefan’s video. The pillow’s in here, I’m going to need a second one. The blanket, I’ll open that soon. There’s my infotainment display. A table. The controls for the seat. It’s a 180° lie-flat seat And here’s the remote for the infotainment system, Even though that is also a touch-sensitive monitor, or a touchscreen as Stefan would say. Then there’s a bottle of water and the headphones, which I’m not going to use, because I have my own. There’s a light up here and a small storage area. My microphone that I’ll need later on and the menu card. The boarding is a little bit weird. Many people would like to buy an on board upgrade in the middle of the boarding process, that wasn’t the case in Rome last time, maybe that flight was booked up. But the strange thing is, Stefan should’ve also been on this flight, oh no hold on that was on the 27th That was a lie. That’s what happens when Stefan organizes everything and I’m only responsible for the behind the scenes and camera work. I’m pretty surprised that – oh now they’re loading catering, that’s unusual – that they are selling so many upgrades on board of Alitalia. Not bad. Here I am at my great seat, I’m certainly going to close the curtain, that way I’ll sleep well. Here is my welcome drink – a prosecco. And I got lucky. My neighbor needed space in the overhead compartments. And I was going to ask for an extra pillow anyways because the pillow was pretty thin on our last Alitalia flight. Dominic complainig again! Now I’m happy to have a second one. I wonder how Stefan is doing on Egypt Air. and… yeah… I still don’t really like the seat. I don’t mean to complain too much really, but… it’s just a little bit brighter upfront. But the good thing about it is, I can basically do whatever I want here. It’s a night time flight, which means I’ll try to record through the window, but you won’t see much, since I only have a GoPro with me. We shall see how it looks. By the way I’ve decided to order the two pasta options again just like last time. Because I’m not really in the mood for the fish or the meat. So now I’ll try a different angle to show you how the tray table works, similar to how Stefan does it normally. You probably know the seat design from Air Berlin, pull out the table like this and it’s fairly sturdy. What I don’t really like (as I said complaining on a high level), when you sit a little closer to the window you easily hit your knee, as you can see. The armrest is immovable. This thing over here stays in place as well. So you could say, I’m locked in my seat And down here, you can barely see it, is the footwell. I can also put my feet up there. A bit of storage space over here. I’ll move aside my little medicine bag. Here are my extra pillow and blanket. I’ve already showed you this tray area, the reading light. You can’t do much up here. Stefan already showed you this the last time. I’ll just try to copy him. That’s where I can put my head. Oh, that’s new, we didn’t have that on our last flight. That’s fancy. And that’s on every seat. Then there’s this small airbag. Plugs, a USB plug down here, there’s also an Ethernet plug and a power outlet. Oh great, now I can’t put it back in. Yes! That always happens. What do you think about these silver/chrome air vents? Quite funny! While we were still on the ground, the amenity kits were distributed. This one is sealed, Stefan showed it in detail in his Alitalia flight report. I’m not going to open this for one reason; when we do meet and greets or meet viewers on the streets and we do have amenity kits with us, which we honestly often do. Most of the time when we are exploring a city, we have some of these with us, because when people come to say hello, for example in Bangkok, even though it’s like midnight or 1 am, we would like to gift them something. That’s why I leave it closed and take it back home. I’ll ask if I can get another one, but last time Stefan really had to be very charming to get an extra kit. So if you’re interested in seeing what’s inside, you should definitely watch Stefan’s video. You know I always say Stefan does this and Stefan does that, he edits the videos and he does his thing in front of the camera. I work behind the scenes, I make the thumbnail, take pictures, write the reports on our website, do everything regarding technology and I do the work on social media. They’ve just distributed the 50 Megabyte vouchers for the Wifi. I’ll check how well it works – if it works at all. Alright, here we have “Wifi on board”, that was quick! In case you were wondering, I can’t charge via USB just like last time. So I’m just going to use the power outlet, which is certainly working since the green light is on. Oh sh*t, it’s in Italian… Oh, up there Then I’d say… I’ll choose “iPass” as my roaming partner to go online. That way I won’t need the 50 MB. Okay, now I’m online, that’s it. I still don’t have a drink. I’m sure they gave out slippers the last time, maybe they’ll distribute them later. Alternatively, I have my Lufthansa First Class slippers with me. I always bring them along, because I won’t use the bathroom without shoes on ever again. That leads me to the next secret nobody knows. You shouldn’t really know this, but this is my flightreport, so: I went to the bathroom once on a flight to Asia, I don’t remember the airline, maybe a Chinese one but I’m not sure. I was only wearing socks and I swear I’ll never do that again. You can imagine what I stepped into, what was flowing out, what it smelled like. I had to change my socks and I’ll never ever go to the bathroom without shoes on again. Ever since that day Stefan always recommends to put your shoes on. Yes it was my mistake, it only happened to me once, and if I ever step into something with these shoes, I’m going to throw them away immediately. My god! There’s a lot going on behind me! The aperitif has just arrived! I purposely ordered, let me look it up quickly, a Campari Spritz insted of an Aperol Spritz. That’s accompanied by these crackers. And – as always – the hot towel My Campari Spritz! *No translation needed* I made the wrong choice… Soon, I’m going to get a glass of warm milk with honey, it doesn’t always have to be alcohol. They’re going to prepare that for me. I’m going to get that as a dessert probably, because I only ordered a salad as an appetizer, the two pasta plates and nothing else. Some warm milk with honey and then I’m going to go to sleep. My flight attendant has been super nice to me so far. Just kidding, she hasn’t said a word to me. I always say thank you, but I don’t say “Grazie”, because I don’t speak Italian except for “Grazie” and “Arrivederci”, which isn’t much… Service is about to start now. And I think now is the time to check in with my correspondent Stefan, to ask him how he’s doing on his flight from Johannesburg to Cairo in the Egypt Air Business Class. Well, that sounds great. The Italians just know how to make good food. You can especially look forward to the lounge in Rome. My food was alright as well. It wasn’t a real higlight like yours. I had some meat, an appetizer and some sparkling wine, which I had to bring along with me, since Egypt Air is a “dry airline”. That means they don’t serve any kind of alcohol. But you can take your own alcoholic beverage with you and drink it on board. Alright, I hope you enjoy the rest of your flight with Alitalia and I’ll see you in Hannover. “Grazie”! She only looks at me and never answers. Headphones off. Unfortunately we can’t show you pictures of the food in this video, because Stefan has my Sony Nex 5n. That’s the camera I normally use to take pictures of the food. So in this video you’re only going to see the food on video. That’s my salad. I don’t really want any carbs right now. My wine over here. Very heavy salt and pepper shakers. The usual things are here. I quite like this table setup. Yeah, this is my appetizer on Alitalia. What is great about the service, is that they start at the back, which means that I have a little bit of an advantage back here when it comes to food. I need to add something, hold on I have to look this up quickly about the regions of Italy… My very good friend Toni from the amazing Restaurante Paladino in Langenhagen would know them better than I do. There it is: the region of Umbria I’m having specialties from Umbria. Toni also offers those quite often. So if you want to enjoy a great dinner, I’ll do a short advert for them Ristorante Paladino in Langenhagen and now I’m going to taste this appetizer. I can’t undo that knot right now. Let’s see! That probably sounds very good in Italian, but it’s simply a Seafood Salad I’d say, it just says “Sea Salad” in the menu. So basically fish… In my opinion, some things just sound better in Italian than in German… Where’s my mic? Oh, I’m already wearing it. I have received my first dish of pasta. Please don’t get offended, when I say that it doesn’t look as good as on our last Alitalia flight, which took off in Rome. Please just go and watch Stefan’s flightreport with the pictures in it to see some better looking food. But let’s try it now! Nope. “Dominic complaining” reappears. Of course it is airline catering food. It’s always a little bit of a gamble with airline catering… I can only say that, when we flew from Rome, the Pasta was “al dente”. just like it was in the fascinating lounge in Rome. And back then I even said, I don’t know if it was in the video, the pasta was really cooked “al dente”. So the pasta was a little bit harder than it normally is in Germany. This is just like I know it from Germany. Let’s just say, it’s good for parmesan junkies like me, the parmesan is pretty good, as far as I can judge on this altitude. No big difference to the lounge in Rome We’ll see how the second pasta dish will taste. So, these are… honestly, it smells like, no I don’t want to judge them based on the smell. It’s the second pasta dish and I’m happy that it’s a small portion, because I’m really excited to go to the lounge in Rome in 8 hours and 15 minutes. I’m going to go to sleep afterwards and I’ll ask them if I can move to the row in front of me to the seat 4J, which Stefan had apparently reserved for me. If the seat is open I’m going to take it and the crew can sit here and rest, which is also what they’re doing on the other side. I’m telling total nonsense. Stefan’s flightreports might be more interesting, but oh well… This is delicious! There are mushrooms, bacon, parmesan, tomatoes. The Italians simply know how to make Pasta, it’s really good! I’m not sure, what Stefan ate on his Egypt Air flight, but I’m happy with my meal. We have 8 hours and 5 minutes remaining, I’m going to try to sleep for 7 hours. I’m going to skip breakfast. I’m also not going to show the toilet, just watch Stefan’s video if you’re interested in that. I’d rather tell you some secrets on this flight. That’s everything I wanted to show you, there isn’t really anything else. I just hope I can switch seats, so the crew can sleep here and I can move up one row, to get away from the galley especially. Meal service is over, I renounced on dessert. I had an appetizer the seafood salad – that guy resembles Bud Spencer a little, I won’t show him to protect his privacy – then I had Pasta twice, which is pretty weird. The look on the flight attendant’s face was probably the same some of you guys also had on yours… Now I’m going to go to sleep. I’ll probably stay in my seat after all. I’ll just put in my earplugs and if it’s really loud I’ll also use my headphones and then I’ll see you in the morning. I probably look pretty tired right now. This was my flight with Alitalia. Just me, completely on my own and I have to say, it’s a little weird right now. I just woke up, we are 30 minutes out of Rome, I can’t watch any movies now… But, I guess I managed to sleep for about 7 and a half hours, the last time I recorded something was when we had 8 hours left. You can definetely sleep well on Alitalia! I had 3 pillows. They are pretty small though. But it was alright with 3 of them. And I also had two of these neckrolls. I didn’t notice breakfast service except for a little bit of noise in the cabin. I didn’t eat breakfast, I’m going to do that in the lounge, even though I’m not very hungry. I’m interested to hear how Stefan’s flight went. I’m going to fly to Amsterdam with Alitalia now and then from Amsterdam to Hannover with KLM. Meanwhile, Stefan is flying back to Hannover with British Airways via London. I hope you enjoyed this video, even though it was a little different with me as the host. You can also check out Stefan’s in-depth flightreport on our channel. Thank you for watching and see you next time! Bye! (In the background): I don’t remember what I wanted to say, I wanted to say something… Trying not to look fat… I should be alright. I’m buckled up, but I forgot what I wanted to say… Sh*t I wanted to say something, but I don’t know what it was.

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