“Doubled My Business – On Track For Million Dollar Year”

– I joined Mastermind at a
different point to most people. I was pregnant with my first child and I knew that our business
needed to be more automated, needed to have more processes and needed to be at a
bigger, further along stage so that I could enjoy time with our family and that I could step back. We couldn’t afford additional staff without growing the business. And at that time I was doing everything and I didn’t have much support and I really knew that by
entering the Mastermind I was hoping to get the
marketing, the skills and support that I needed to take the business to a point where it could support our
lifestyle and our family. When I first started Mastermind I didn’t really have the
confidence that I needed to execute or grow a business. I really felt like I had done everything that I knew how to do. I had set up the website. We’d tried SEO. I’d done some Google AdWords. I’d done all the things that I knew from my experience as a business degree and being in other
successful businesses I knew, but that wasn’t gonna take us any further. So Mastermind was really the
solution to moving forward, learning new strategies
and educating myself on what it took in the
marketing department to get the business to where it is now. Since joining Mastermind, so
we were maybe a team of four, we are now a team of seven. Our revenue has probably doubled. So probably coming up to a
million dollar year next year. And we have just been able to take on such bigger opportunities and set ourselves up capacity-wise to so many more open doors. If you’re thinking about it, chances are you’re at the right point and you’ve done what you know how to do and you know you wanna go further and you don’t know how to get there. So if that’s you, I can’t recommend this group
of amazing women highly enough.

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