Doug Nay | Council for Retail & Sales PSU

Currently, I’m a professor at East
Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania in East Stroudsburg. Well, it’s the first..
first time that I know of that a a group a regional group has gotten together on
these two important topics. Well, I’m also a score representative and so I talk
to new businesses every other week and there seem to be two secrets that elude
new business; one is how to market, how to sell their products, how to find a
competitive advantage. And second is the financial side. When I ask the question,
“Do you know what your expenses will be next month?” and the answer is no, I can
see that a business needs lots of help to get started. So tips for retailers? Not
really, they probably know more about their business than I do.
But at the same time, those two skills and knowledge bases need to be there for
you to be successful. ((Penn State Lehigh Valley logo))

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