Download Your Business Plan in Another Format

In this extension, you will download your
business plan in another format. This is useful when you want to work on or
share your business plan in another application. To begin, decide what file type to download. This will depend on what type of program or
application will be used to open the file. A doc-X file is a common word processing file. A P-D-F is used to present and exchange print-ready
documents across different software, hardware, and operating systems. It’s a clean version of a file that can
be locked to prevent changes. A text file is a standard text document that
contains unformatted text. It is recognized by any text editing or word
processing program and can be opened by many other software programs. An H-T-M-L file saves your business plan as
a simple web page that can be viewed in an internet browser. Then, select the type of file you want to
download. Great, now your business plan is ready to
open edit, and share in another application. Now, it’s your turn: Download your business
plan in another format.

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