Dreamhost Review 2019: Bought And Tested Their Plans! [Results Inside]

DreamHost has been one of my personal
favorite web hosting companies for a long time now. Because they consistently
keep up with their mission to provide affordable, easy to use and most
importantly stable web hosting. But they never had anything special about them
like it’s their thing. You could always get better performance or better price
or even better support if you go with other web hosting providers. However, in
exchange for not being the fastest DreamHost was perhaps the most versatile
and feature-rich web hosting company that I have ever seen. And as you and I
are about to discover Dreamhost still has a couple of tricks up their sleeves.
What are these tricks? Is Dreamhost even any good and what makes them different
from other web hosting providers? Which plans should you get? And should you even
care about DreamHost? Coming right up! While DreamHost offers
plenty of different web hosting options I’ll focus on just two – shared web
hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Just so we’re on the same page here’s a
quick explanation between the two. Shared web hosting is like living with
roommates. It’s cheaper and gets the job done but your well being is dependent on
other people. All in all, it’s a temporary solution when you’re on a budget. Managed
WordPress hosting is more like having an apartment to yourself it’s more
expensive but you have a landlord that takes care of maintenance and security.
Broken sink? He has to fix it. Need to change the pipes? Yup not your problem.
In this scenario DreamHost is your landlord and will do the maintenance on
your website. Their shared web hosting plans start at $2.59 a month this is in line with other major web hosting providers as the
industry standard for cheap web hosting plans range from $1 to $4.
Putting DreamHost roughly in the middle of the pack. DreamHost managed WordPress
plans start at $16.95 for comparison Flywheel sells managed WordPress hosting
for $25 a month and Kinsta goes as high as $30. You might be thinking why should
you go with the managed WordPress solution when shared hosting is so much
cheaper? Well, in my opinion it comes down to 2 things and 2
things only. The first 1 being is how much money is one hour of your time worth?
Because imagine this scenario one hour of your time is worth $15. You buy the
shared web hosting plan thinking you’ll save money because on the surface it is
cheaper, then you spend 3 hours every single month performing maintenance
tasks. That’s $45 of your time wasted on janitor duty that you could have
spent on much more productive things for your business. On top of that you still
have to pay for the shared web hosting plan. Did you really save any money in
this scenario? Because, I don’t think so. It would have been much cheaper to pay
the $16 and buy a managed account so someone else could take care of the
maintenance while you worry about your business. Because your time is much more
valuable! Which brings me to my 2nd point. What kind of website are you
making if you want to create a blog, a portfolio website, a photography page or
a personal page. Basically, anything that’s just for show I recommend shared
plans. But if you plan to make money with your website like e-commerce or a high
visitor count websites. Evaluate how much money is one hour of your time
worth and make a decision based on that. Because in the end, your time is money.
Other notable features of DreamHost? The fact that they allow you to pay
monthly. While most other web hosting providers require you to commit for at
least a year when you’re purchasing a plan. DreamHoat also has a very generous
97 day refund policy and on top of that there are no sneaky increases in price
when it’s time to renew. Web hosting companies like to advertise prices lower
than they actually are because the price you usually see is the price you have to
pay before renewal once it’s time to renew your plans the price can spike up
even as much as 2,5 times. But this won’t happen with DreamHost because
they’re quite a transparent company in that regard, the price that you see is
the price that you will have to pay. And one of the best features about DreamHost is that if you’re a non-profit organization or a charity you can get
web hosting completely free by filling out
form on their website, I’ll leave the form in the description down below as
well. speaking about special deals and coupons
hosting companies often provide me with special deals and coupons to give away
to you guys. And if you use my special discount links I get paid a commission.
These commission’s is how I’m able to support the channel and keep buying web
hosting services which aren’t cheap most of the time. That I’m able to test and
provide reviews to you guys. It’s great for you as the user. And it’s
awesome for me as a creator. So, if you’re thinking about getting web hosting
services consider grabbing one of the discount links in the description down
below, thank you for supporting the channel let’s get back to the review!
Let’s jump right into what kind of performance can you expect using
DreamHost hosting. Using UptimeRobot I was able to monitor how stable their
shared and managed hosting services are. In 39 days of monitoring my shared dream
host web site went offline for just 1 minute. That’s 939 hours of uptime versus 1 minute of downtime. And the managed WordPress
solution didn’t experience any downtime. Actually DreamHost guarantees that your
websites will be online 100% of the time obviously if this isn’t possible because
scheduled maintenance is and server upgrades still need to happen at some
point. So, what I think they mean by this phrase is that your website won’t go off
lines due to unforeseen consequences and their terms of service
actually stake that for every 1hour that your website is offline due to
unforeseen consequences you will get 1 day of web hosting added to your account
completely free. I wanted to test this claim and I even set up notifications on
my phone. So, that every time my DreamHost
website is offline I get a notification to my phone so I could go to the support
and say yo guys what’s up giving my free web hosting. Unfortunately my website
didn’t go down like I set up 2 web sites and none of them went down except
for like 1 minute but that wasn’t enough time for me to get to the
computer and complain to this support I guess they’re pretty serious about the
stability and 100% uptime when they’re paying out of their own pocket. But what
about the loading speed well the cheapest plan loaded a basic
website in just 1 second and that’s above average
I wanted to double-check so I did another test and it was 1.1 second this
time. I won’t lie, that’s better than I expected going into this review but I am
happy that they’re performing well. And no surprise is there but their managed
WordPress solution was even better loading my website in just 0.8 seconds.
That’s an incredible result, what stood out here is that DreamPress scored a
full 100% with PageSpeed. This shows that these plans really are optimized for
WordPress and there’s little to no room for improvement left. So far we’ve
covered the prices of DreamHost, which aren’t that bad, the performance on
the cheap plans is actually good and on the more expensive ones it’s excellent.
But that’s pretty much what you expect with absolutely any web hosting provider.
Let’s actually dive in into the backend of Dreamhost and see what features they
offer that other web hosting providers do not and how the back panel looks in
general. If you’ve dealt with web hosting before and you’re not a complete
beginner the first thing you’ll actually notice is that they’re not using the
standard control panel. They’ve developed their own solution that’s exclusive to
DreamHost and you won’t find this control panel anywhere else, I have no
problems using it, I like it, I think it’s very simple and easy to navigate. However,
I do have friends who are like diehard cPanel fans and say that the DreamHost
panel is complete trash you can’t find anything right there and it’s too simple.
It’s a matter of preference I guess you’re able to manage your email
accounts, domain name servers, install WordPress, access your WordPress control
panel and access the files of your website. All in all, everything you need
to run a successful website. 1 key feature that managed WordPress hosting
has over the shared one? Website staging. DreamHost allows you to create a
complete copy of your website where you’re able to test various new features
plugins and content or design upgrades without affecting the website that the
user sees. This new environment does not impact your existing website until you
choose to merge the two versions together. And it’s also password
protected, once you’ve made sure everything works correctly you can merge
the new and the old version in just one click. while they do offer chat, email and phone
support it’s not as easy as it seems. Because their phone support? You
cannot call them directly, all you can do is you can leave them a message and
request a callback. Everytime you do this it will cost you $10, I’m not
kidding. $10 per phone call and while I do
recognize that phone support is very ineffective and labor-intensive, charging
people $10 per phone call seems a bit high in my opinion. And their chat
support it’s not 24/7 you can only get chat support during 5:30 a.m. and 9:30
p.m. Pacific time. Sadly their email support isn’t as great as well it takes
around 10 sometimes even 15 hours to respond so more often than not if you
run into some urgent issues and want help it will take a while before you get
it. On the flip side, their managed plans come with a dedicated WordPress
support team. Meaning that the help you are getting they’re highly trained and
specialized WordPress experts. Final thoughts about DreamHost? Well, as I
mentioned near the beginning they’re among my personal favorite web hosting
companies. I respect the fact that they’re always looking out for the user
by not incorporating too many of these sleazy marketing tricks and they seem
like they’re genuinely trying to provide the best service that they can with the
resources they have available. If you’re looking for a managed WordPress solution
and to be honest if you value your time you should look into managed WordPress
solutions, DreamHost is currently offering one of the best on the market
they’re actually one of the few web hosting companies that I would trust
with the website that’s generating profit without fear of anything breaking.
And while their shared web hosting plans aren’t anything spectacular at least
they’re reliable and I valued this straight very highly because it doesn’t
matter how fast or how good your website is it is absolutely and completely
useless if this offline and users can’t reach it. So, while not being the best or
the fastest, the cheapest or even the one that provides the best support DreamHost
is the most reliable one. So, grab your discount links in the description below
and start making your DreamPress websites today. As always my name is
Emit with the hosting.review team and I wish you luck creating all of your

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