Drug Care | LAB Pharmacy chose LS Retail software solutions

Drug Care Co., Ltd. operates pharmacies under the brand LAB Pharmacy. We have 13 branches in leading department stores in Bangkok, and we are planning to expand to other provinces this year. Our old system had many limitations when it came to transferring data from POS to back office. It was not flexible, we couldn’t add customizations to support our growth, and most importantly, it could not support our financial and accounting requirements. Therefore, we started to look for a new system which could fulfil our needs. We needed a stable, reliable, flexible system, a single platform to manage all company operations. The new system would also need to help reduce duplicate work, produce precise data and analyze it. The consultants at AVision designed and customized the system based on our business requirements. We are confident that Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail will support our future growth. We got good references from a partner who implemented the system by AVision. They got very impressive service from AVision, the were especially happy with the support after system go-live. This is a key reason why we selected AVision. Whenever our users contact them to report problems, AVision responds quickly and solves our problems immediately.

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