Duda Website Builder Review: We tested their responsive website builder.

Hi and welcome to our DudaOne website builder
review by WebsiteToolTester.com. Today, we want to take a closer look at this editor.
After all, there are around ten million websites running DudaOne! This product is for people who want to create
websites without putting too much work into it. The basic version is free to try out,
with no strings attached. Starting with “Business +”, the plans also include professional
features such as website backups and SSL encryption for additional security. Unfortunately, none
of their plans include a professional domain name such as yourname.com. It’s possible,
of course, to link your site to a domain you registered somewhere else. You can find more details on the plans themselves
on our website. But let’s get on with the review!
Start by choosing a design. The real-time preview will show you what the page will look
like on a desktop computer, a tablet, or smartphone. And once you’ve found something you like,
just click on “Create Site”. There’s a menu on the left that you use
to edit the design. At the top, you can move between the individual steps you made during
the editing process. You edit existing items by clicking on them
– it’s as simple as that. The selected item is clearly highlighted, and your editing
options are visible at a single glance. This website builder excels at creating multilingual
websites. Click “Manage Site Languages” and add any language you want. But language
management doesn’t stop there! You can deactivate languages without deleting the content, and
after adding a new language, your content is automatically translated by Google Translate,
reducing your workload in the process. However, we do recommend that you check automated translations
carefully before publishing the site. Once you’ve added a language, you can choose
it at the top of the site. Check out the menu entry called “inSite”
for another interesting feature which allows you to add highly personalized interaction
to the website. For instance, you can show a special offer only on the particular day
it’s valid. Or you can show rebate codes to customers who happen to open your site
on their smartphone while near one of your stores. And if inSite doesn’t have what
you’re looking for, you can create your own inSite event, step by step. Once you’re done, it might look a little
something like this in the preview. The website builder can be used for blogging,
too. Just add a blog, and the editor will create the page automatically.
Then edit the blog’s look with just a few clicks. Over here you can manage your blog entries.
The user experience is nice and simple. We would have liked a more flexible commenting
system – for now, only Facebook Comments are available. DudaOne offers a store, too, which you can
try out in the entry level plan. The system is based on Ecwid and is integrated directly
into the editor. If you want to know more about how Ecwid works in general, check out
our review in the video details. Basic SEO settings can be found here, and
you can edit both the page title and the page description. DudaOne gives you all the tools
you need in order to get your website ready for Google and other search engines.
And once you’ve done that, check your preview one last time, then click“Publish”! Your
page is now live. Honestly, the Duda Dudes have a good website
builder here. The designs are nice and modern, and many of the items can be animated. And
all designs are responsive, so your visitors will feel just as welcome on a smartphone
or tablet as on their desktop computer. The editor is perfect for multilingual websites.
And the most exciting feature of all is inSite – it’s never been easier to personalize
your site for each visitor. None of Duda’s competitors can offer anything like this. Apart from inSite, an app store, to add more
features with a single click, would be helpful. It’s also a little disappointing that Duda
doesn’t offer domains or email hosting. These additional costs can add up, making
Duda more expensive than its competitors, so they’re worth bearing in mind.
More information on DudaOne and other website builders can be found at WebsiteToolTester.com. If you have any questions or suggestions,
leave us a comment. And if you liked this video, we’d love a
like on YouTube!

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17 thoughts on “Duda Website Builder Review: We tested their responsive website builder.

  1. really appreciate your work as a lot don't want to gain programming skills… REALLY HELPFUL.

    a quick question:
    if I am looking to build a website, 99% in Arabic language, when it comes to choose Arabic language where is my best choice?

  2. (This is just a confirmation questions): I already have Host Gator as my hosting account. And, I will use Cheap Name to create my domain name. Once that is completely, can I use Duda to "transfer" TO Host Gator? (I hope that made sense).

  3. This sounds soooo much like a 'pretend' review. It seems to me to be more an endorsement with a few 'minor' cons, for 'appearance' sake. No reference to other or better alternatives – as 'real-world' reviewers would do.  It extols the virtues of Duda, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were getting paid to do this. It is just not a 'real' critical, independent review.

  4. Dude is a useless alternative if you want to make your own websites without going through a reseller or paying a monthly fee (or a large lump sum up front). Even their e-commerce stuff is limited to 2500 product listings on the high end which makes it useless if you carry more products than that. It operates nicely, has some nice features and the like, but once you start breaking it down fully it becomes a bloody nightmare really.

  5. may i ask, how to register in duda.. bcz i dnt hav my own website.. while register, it asking put the website name ? without that how can i start ?

  6. Not a review. This is a tutorial, and a bad one at that. Vendors use WP because of the power it gives our clients. A web editor is useless for clients that need to make a statement. Simply giving clients the wheel to drive is useless without a map, and that requires a human touch, which "DUDA" does not provide.

  7. Your review of Duda is waaay out of date. Many of the features you describe have been hugely updated and/or changed. It's still one of the better website builder programs (far, far better than Wix or Jimdo!) and two of it's big selling points (apart from the functionality) is the 30 day free trial period and monthly billing – which Jimdo does NOT offer, yet you rank that higher than Duda??? Btw – I'm NOT a Duda affiliate (nor any other website builder).I prefer to stay independent and not have an 'interest' in promoting anything.

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