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Sana Commerce is your single stack
e-commerce app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. By quickly
leveraging the existing item setup, pricing setup, availability maintenance
and ongoing promotional discounts managed inside of business central Sana
utilizes the core erp database to power your webstore. Ongoing maintenance for
growing organizations are streamlined allowing your internal teams to quickly
manage the erp ensuring your webstore is always accurate and up-to-date. All
simply maintained through a single interface. Sana delivers both b2c and b2b ordering capabilities allowing new customers to
place orders or existing customers to place orders once logged in using their
secure username and password. As items are browsed we are able to showcase
product availability and real time pricing including any tiered pricing
from the portal. Multiple currencies are also supported. This information is
pulled real time from Dynamics 365 Business Central. Supporting information
like images, product attributes or unit of measure and extended descriptions can
also be applied and managed inside of Business Central. Once a product team has
added an item to the shopping cart the order calculates within Sana in real
time. Including any additional charges, discounts or taxes. From their clients
can quickly proceed through the checkout by selecting shipping addresses that is
connected to their account in Business Central and adding other relevant order
information such as a reference number delivery instructions or requested
delivery date. Immediately after placing their order customers are sent an email
confirmation and internally in the sales order is written that Dynamics 365
Business Central database in real-time. Ensuring optimal and efficient order
fulfillment and delivery. Your clients can also access their accounts online
using the Sana webstore for a complete overview of their order history,
including invoices and shipment detail. The Sana Commerce solution uniquely
leverages all business logic and data stored in Dynamics 365 Business Central
to deliver a single stack ecommerce solution.

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