E-Commerce Inventory Management Software: Inventory Optimizer | Exponea

the inventory optimizer improves your
cash flow by optimizing inventory turnover it gives you a detailed
overview of your stock performance and helps you prevent overstocking or
understanding with our inventory optimizer you will always know how much
to order and when how it works let’s imagine your product lifecycle as a
graph showing the stock level and time the inventory optimizer calculates the
minimum recommended number of products in stock to minimize the risk of selling
out this is known as safety stock level then it takes into consideration the
expected demand and the time required to restock the goods using all these data
the inventory optimizer calculates the reorder point which is the optimum time
to restock your products to eliminate the possibility of under stocking this
will ensure your new stock will be ready once the product sales reach the safety
stock level ensure a seamless inventory cycle with exponea experience cloud

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