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Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to my channel. So today I kind of wanted to give you guys a Behind-the-scenes, look of what it’s like to be a model You know like the day in the life of a model if you will and I know in my channel, you know I talked about, you know maudlin tips I give you guys some tips on how to get an agent’s how to get started in the industry You know some fashion tips as well stuff like that. But today what I wanted to do is just to show you guys What a daily life is like like a father, you know It might be excited for you guys or it might not be as excited as he thought So what’s happening today? Is that my book 2 shoots for a brand called specialized? Specialized what was really sunny specialized They they make premium high-end bicycles that you see in you know, cycling cycling tour is like Tour de France They also make clothing items as well Especially for bikers and just general merchandise for your average consumers as well. So that’s what I’m doing today I’m going over there to do an e-commerce shoot for them. It’s a two-day shoot in San Diego Right now it’s looking like a two and a half hour drive. I’m actually gonna be 15 minutes late so go back and Catch up sometime on the way What’s up guys I just made it to San Diego just made it to the location. I’m actually on time I made it just on time. My call time was at nine o’clock and I believe it’s 858 right about now, so I just made it in the nick of time so I’m gonna stretch my legs a little bit and then walk into the sets and hopefully show you guys around and show you guys how things go and you know kind of give you guys a Sense of a day in the life of being a model so the night before the shoots My agents actually emailed me and she says hey look the clients want you to shave your legs and when I read that I was kind of like I don’t need to shave my legs like I’m not a hairy person I’ve never in my life shaved my legs, so I don’t think it should be a big deal But when I got there the makeup artist was like hey look like we really need you to shave your legs So nonetheless I had to get my legs completely shaved It feels weird I’ve never had a clipper down all my life support I’m kind of tempted to shave my legs like this next time and just the yoga people So now when my hair started scrolling back is they kind of like am I gonna get shake bumps? No Luckily you it won’t be like all the way down to the skin. You’ll still have like a little bit of something Okay, so this was actually one of the looks what we did was that, you know It was two models and we were there from about 9 or 8 a.m. Till all the way till about 5:00 p.m so it was a full day of shooting you’re constantly trying on clothes wearing something else trying on clothes you’re shooting it and Really the shots that we got were just for like e-commerce shots that are probably gonna end up on the website So you guys take a look out for dads go to specialized comm so this was some of the looks that we did I Really liked the fit of the lot of the looks it felt like they were really tailored for for the models that they chose. I Thought this was really cool and also very helpful that we could see in real time sort of like the images and what they’re looking like so every time the photographer mark shot us We can actually see How those shots were looking and we’re looking and appearing and we can easily make quick adjustments if we needed to so This is really helpful for me as a model To kind of get that real-time feedback and you know as opposed to like constantly acting the photographer like hey Can I take a peek at that shot? Shoutouts to faith Emmanuel for being the winner of my last giveaway in my last video Definitely shoot me a message of my Instagram accounts or any of my social accounts Shoot me a private message and we can figure out how to get you your reward I know a lot of you guys are gonna be disappointed That you didn’t win but don’t be disappointed because I’m definitely gonna run this promo again. So stay tuned So, it’s pretty sunny I’m in San Diego and we’re doing this photo shoots for specialized So far has been great. The team is really awesome to work with We’ve done a lot of looks and the thing about doing e-commerce Modeling is that you’re standing still in one spot and you’re essentially just sort of like a mannequin if you will, you know So it’s you can get pretty tired just from standing still so it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated And try to stretch out every now and then. Alright guys, so I’m here with Nick He’s one of the models for the specialized shoots And I’m just gonna actually make a couple of questions just to get a sense of you know What his modeling experience has been so far? so Nick can you first of all just kind of tell us like What agency are you with? How long have you been modeling? How did you get started? Wow, so I’m signed to a couple agencies, but the one that got me this job is brand talent in Orange County and How I started modeling, it’s actually a funny story I was twelve years old and I was approached by a model scout But at the time I wasn’t interested because I was playing sports and busy with school But when I was 22 years old, I ended up getting scouted by the same exact man, and I figured you know what might as well give it a shot and it’s been it’s been really good ever since it’s been about four years and Can’t complain So when you when you got scouted, you know, cuz now people are getting scouted on Instagram They getting scouted like, you know events and stuff like that. Like how exactly did the person Scout you well so around that time I was wrapping up my college career and I thought You know, I’m gonna try and get scouted So what I did was I got a job at the Louis Vuitton Store at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego because I figured that’s where model Scouts will go You know the malls there’s attractive people there So about two or three weeks into my job there at Louis Vuitton That man came up to me approached me gave me the card I was like hey I’ve seen this before and he actually remembered when he scouted me when I was only 12 years old So a funny story that’s awful. Yeah. So from your experience, what would you say is like What’s the best part about modeling? Oh, the best part is the freedom and All the experiences the cool people you meet, you know, you work with some companies multiple times But you’re almost working with different people everywhere you go. You see different cities different cultures Yeah, you get the different food make many friends and it’s I’ve been really blessed and it’s a really rewarding job and what’s the worst? Part about modeling. Oh the worst part about modeling The castings And driving. I live in San Diego and all the castings are in Los Angeles. So I’m a bit of a road warrior So I’m always on the 5 freeway at the 405 but I Listen to a lot of audiobooks while I’m doing that so there’s pros and cons to it So do you have any advice for anyone who’s may be thinking about modeling? They’re not sure where to start or you know how to you know, just what to do. Yeah What tips do you have for it in? Um, I would always just say, you know know yourself stick to your roots Don’t compare yourself to any other model You see someone really successful you say hey, I want to look like that guy because he’s booking a lot of jobs or something That’s really not how it works. You end up stretching yourself and burning yourself out Stay healthy exercise eat the right foods and everything else will fall in line All right, Nick and where can people find you if they have some questions. My Instagram is Nicolas Denman that’s ni ch o la s Ste n ma n you can follow me there. You can shoot me a DM. I’d be happy to talk to you Thanks, man, of course Thank you guys for watching. I really appreciate you guys if you guys liked this video Let me know give me a thumbs up if you have other questions dropped it in the comment box as well Don’t forget to hit up Nicolas as well if you guys have some questions for him And also I want you guys to check out this ebook if you’re not sure how to start your modeling career You’re not sure how it all works. You’re not sure how to find in agents or just way to start the period Definitely check out this ebook. The link is in description box down below So that’s it for this video guys. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys in my next one You

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