E-commerce success story: Monsieur Chaussure, shoe care experts

Hello, I’m Charles Bellanné, founder of Monsieur Chaussure. Monsieur Chaussure is an independent, multi-brand shoe care and
accessories distributor with something for every customer, whatever the level of knowledge or budget. Product quality is very important to us – all of our
products are tested and approved by our shoemakers – as well as the advice and tips published on our
website, particularly in our “shoe care guide”. I created Monsieur Chaussure in
2012, from a simple observation. As an avid fan of shoes, it frustrated me that I couldn’t find
adequate shoe care products or guidance on how to care for my shoes. I made appointments to meet with two French shoe manufacturers,
Famaco and Saphir, to set up our first product catalog From there, I launched the online shop,
monsieurchaussure.com, with PrestaShop. We particularly focused on building a quality website
with good photographs, product descriptions and advice, all to encourage Internet users just discovering our
website to immediately go along with the concept. Through simple word of mouth, we rapidly benefited from a
huge wave of enthusiasm for the Monsieur Chaussure concept. When we launched 4 years ago, we
wanted a click and mortar concept. But with a budget of 20,000€, we only had
enough to create the e-commerce website. Since then, we’ve grown so much, that we’ve
been able to open our first store in Paris. Today, we ship to over fifty different countries and
are supported by a community of 35,000 customers. 80% of our turnover is generated by our eCommerce
website and 20% by our single Paris store. The eCommerce website helps to direct traffic to the
store and the store lends credibility to our website. Our growth on the French market allows us to consider
the international development of our eCommerce website, as well as creating a network
of physical stores in France. Monsieur Chaussure has managed to remain self-financed since the beginning,
thanks to optimized logistics and overall great company management. For these reasons, we chose PrestaShop. We were able to customize the website as we saw fit,
most notably with the wide range of modules offered. Using the Sora Caisse solution –
an integrated checkout system – every employee can work directly
from the PrestaShop Back Office, including sales, stock management of both the physical
store and the e-commerce website, and marketing. When we started out, our primary problem was modifying our target customer’s
buying behavior, since the idea of online shoemaking didn’t exist. However, word of mouth has proved to be the best solution
to reach out to and communicate with our targeted audience. Standard acquisition tactics such as new product promotions, events and sponsorships
did not work for us as the shoemaking market is not a dynamic nor innovative market. We launched paid communication campaigns via Google Adwords
and organized events with bloggers on social networks. Today the majority of our customers
still come through word of mouth, which is another reason why we concentrate
on providing quality website content I think that in order to successfully launch a business online,
it is essential to have a quality website with great content. Consumers are no longer attracted to massive online product releases, so we
have to provide a purchasing experience that mirrors that of a physical store. This qualitative and individualized approach is paramount to achieving
success in today’s eCommerce business, and even more so in niche markets.

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