E-Verify for Small Businesses: How do you define success?

How do you define success?
There is no manual to follow. There is no simple equation that gets you there.
And there are never any shortcuts. It’s your effort and your vision
that guides you from risk to reward. But finding success on your own terms
isn’t about doing it alone. It’s about finding the right team
and the right partners that can help you grow. E-Verify is your partner in success
taking the hard work out, ensuring your employees are authorized to work.
It’s the best way to ensure compliance with federal law by validating documentation with the issuing source systems. It helps eliminate guess work and human error
by comparing your new hire’s Form I-9 information against data from State and Federal governments. E-Verify is simple to use and ensures a legal workforce. E-Verify requires no software and can typically
give you case results in less than five seconds. Whether you’re a business owner or HR manager,
E-Verify has the functionality and features that are right for you! regardless of your business size. It’s no wonder E-Verify is one of the government’s
highest rated services in user satisfaction. Hire smart, hire secure,
higher potential for your business. Visit E-Verify.gov and enroll with confidence.

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