E-Verify for Small Businesses: What sums up your success?

What sums up your success? Equity. Balance. The satisfaction you feel creating a formula for independence. But when it comes to hiring,
success is more than a numbers game it’s about knowledge E-Verify is a partner that invests in your
growth by helping ensure that employees are eligible and authorized to work. E-Verify compares information from an employee’s Form I-9
against data from State and Federal governments. It’s the best way to ensure compliance with federal law by validating documentation with the issuing source systems. E-Verify requires no software and can typically
give you case results in less than five seconds. And whether you’re a business owner or HR manager,
E-Verify takes away the burden of compliance and ensures a legal workforce. It’s no wonder E-Verify is one of the government’s
highest rated services in user satisfaction. Hire smart, hire secure, higher potential for your business. Visit E-Verify.gov and enroll with confidence.

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