Earn an MBA online through the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University

Our Online MBA is one of the most
flexible program you can think of. We provide the same and a same level of
rigor one would expect in a classroom in the online context it’s a 100% online
MBA where you can get a full MBA program at your own pace. There is no work
experience required to be a part of this particular program you can start as
early as as you finish your undergraduate, you can even take classes.
We allow up to 12 hours to take graduate courses as your undergraduate.
Access to Career Management Service means we allow our students to have
access to our online job portal. They will come and they will be able to look
and search for the jobs that are available. We offer a system called
Handshake that they can use to search for jobs, find out about different events
that we have going on if they do happen to be in the area and we’re always
available for students to come in and talk to us or meet with us or show us a
resume and go over that with them. Whatever they like to do we’re certainly
here to help

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