eBay Retail Revival – Wolverhampton, UK

We are here to help. We only succeed when
you guys succeed. We wanted to partner
with a city council that we thought
was forward looking and ambitious for a city, but
ultimately what we’re here to do is build
confidence and skills. Wolverhampton is a
city with young people. It needs as much
innovation as possible. We’ve had a really rough
time over the years, but now we’re beginning to grow. And we wanted to
partner with eBay because we recognize
the challenges there are to the high street here
now and coming in the future. A lot of the traditional
jobs have disappeared. Anything that can bring
a very proud area back onto the forefront,
I find that exciting. Being able to actually
grow our business in the city of Wolverhampton
is a fantastic opportunity with the help of
the Retail Revival. There’s definitely
a positive vibe around the city in
terms of how it’s looking forward and developing. And it’s growing
Wolverhampton into what it needs to be, which is
put on a national stage, an international stage.

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