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hey this is daniela from beginners passive income and if you’re new to this channel hit the subscribe button this is where we talk about how beginners can make passive income online or offline and in today’s video we’re going to talk about the basics of e-commerce I receive so many questions on my other channel Daniela da IO that channel is specialized in e-commerce with the tool called Ecwid commerce I don’t use Shopify I actually use Ecwid and explain why on that channel but in this video we’re really going to go into detail on what ecommerce is because I get so many questions about people wanting to do so many different things online I want a dropship print-on-demand I want to sell on Amazon eBay Facebook Instagram like people want to do everything and what’s really cool is it’s possible the problem is what beginners usually wind up doing is selling individually on all these platforms what they wind up doing is usually creating an account on Amazon creating an account on eBay creating a Shopify store then they create another website because they’re not sure then they create a Facebook store it’s just all over the place in this video we’re gonna go right down to the basics of what ecommerce is and how you can optimize your workflow so that you have a very easy setup that you can manage your online store from one place no matter where you want to sell online so when looking at the basics of e-commerce it’s important to know that you can sell things that you own physically or that you do not own physically you have these two options and within those two options you can sell physical products or digital products so let’s dive right in and have a look at products that you own so let’s say you have physical products that you’d like to sell online this can be your product for example so if you have physical products for example a product that you created you can sell it online if you’re an artist if you’re an entrepreneur if you have a brick-and-mortar store if you have a business where you sell products if you have a great idea if you created something that you would like to sell online this is where you are set you are in a physical product that you own that you would like to sell online on the other hand you could have physical products that you went out and purchased so these are products that you did not create yourself but that you would like to online so you went purchase something in a garage sale and you’d like to sell it that’s another option within the category of things that you own you could also own digital products so let’s say for example you created an e-book you created a piece of code music art that’s downloadable right anything that you can download off of your computer and that you created yourself is a digital product and if you don’t violate any copyrights of course you could sell it online now just to let you know I’m not your lawyer not your financial planner and I’m not your tax specialist if you have any questions with regards to legalities or taxes or financial planning definitely contact a specialist in your area they’ll be able to help you depending on your specific situation but digital products are an incredible opportunity to make passive income online because you don’t actually have to ship them I’ve tested pretty much all of the options that we’re gonna talk about today and digital products that I created myself is my absolute favorite this is exactly what I do and it’s absolutely my favorite because I created ebooks I’ve created courses and I sell them online and I don’t have to physically ship them to people people purchase them from my online store and it gets sent to them automatically so I don’t have to deal with packaging products purchasing things to be able to pack them and then shipping them so it takes out a lot of the hard heavy lifting that is involved when you sell your own physical products so that’s something to keep in mind when you get started selling online all right let’s move on to things that you do not own you can sell things that you don’t own that are physical or digital just as we saw before with things that you own physically so physical things that you can sell that you don’t own include drop shipping there is so much buzz around drop shipping right now people are constantly talking about it all over YouTube and there is an excellent opportunity for this but not everyone is going to be making a million dollars from drop shipping if you’re a beginner and you’re interested in making passive income definitely check out our passive income webinar where we talk about 12 ways viewers can make passive income there might be an idea for you that’s better adapted to what you’d like to do but if you’re passionate about something and you know that drop shipping is what you would like to try this is where you could try it also drops your inconsistent selling a product that you do not have physically so you connect your online store to a warehouse or someone who’s providing drop shipping services and they take care of all of the fulfillment so instead of having to package the product yourself and purchase it and have stock in your room and tons of things they stock it for you they ship it for you what your role consists in to make money from drop shipping is promoting and selling those products so instead of actually having to do the entire process half of it is cut off and that company will take care of the entire fulfillment process for you which is absolutely amazing so no need to ship products physically no need to package them or deal with returns and that is awesome same goes for print on demand print on demand consists in uploading a design that you created to a product so it can be a t-shirt a mug a hat it can be pillows there’s lots of different options within various print on demand services so instead of having to buy those products physically and then print on the shirts yourself they take care of it for you and that is absolutely mind-boggling it is an incredible opportunity so print on demand is definitely another option that you could have a look at the last one I’d like to have a look at can be for physical or digital products and that is affiliate marketing so promoting products through a link in general or you can use a coupon code there’s lots of different ways that affiliate programs provide tracking on their affiliate links but the idea is that you’re promoting a product and if the product sells you will receive a commission on that sale and that is another way to sell products and make money online now at the beginning of this video I told you that at the end you would have something that would allow you to regroup all of your passive income ideas so that it was easy to manage them in one place and that is not Shopify it is Ecwid ecommerce I am a huge fan of Ecwid commerce as a solution I use it myself if you’re interested head over to Daniela Daioh slash store and you can see my ecwid store that is currently embedded in a wordpress site so if you have a wordpress site a WIC site a Weebly site you can use ecwid and add it to your existing website and that is an incredible opportunity because if you’re using Shopify you get stuck in Shopify I have a video that talks about why I love Ecwid commerce it’s available on our channel it’s listed above right here but ecwid can allow you to centralize all of your online sales let’s say you want to sell physical products you want to sell things that you would like to flip or different products that you created yourself you can put them in your Ecwid store if you want to do drop shipping you could also connect that to your Ecwid store you can also print on demand with Ecwid so you would connect a print full store to your ecwid account and the thing is with Ecwid commerce you can push your products to a variety of different platforms which means that you don’t have to manually update things in different places you can push the contents of your online store to a variety of different places you can push it to Amazon eBay a facebook store an Instagram account that’s a business account so for Instagram shoppable posts and you can sell in multiple places online you can sell in your WordPress site and your partner’s Wix site you can multiply your store across the web and that is an incredible opportunity to get you traffic and to get you more attention and to get in front of more people I’m a huge fan of Ecwid commerce definitely check out Daniela da Iowa if you’d like to learn more about ecwid I have a webinar that’s listed right here that teaches you everything you need to know about Ecwid ecommerce I just want to touch on something really important there are different rules and regulations for every platform where you push your products if your drop shipping on ebay and amazon for example you do need to specify the country of origin of the products where they are actually being shipped from for example if the product is being shipped from India and you’re located in the United States you need to indicate that it is located in India and not in the US one reason for that includes transparency with your audience let’s say for example they’re expecting to receive it in two days because they think it’s in the States and it actually takes over a month because it is not located in their country it’s important to indicate these things so no matter what you want to sell online what platform you’re planning on using definitely read their policies and make sure to comply with them do you want to learn more about building passive income story as a beginner definitely check out the link above it is a webinar that contains 12 awesome passive income ideas for beginners

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