ECommerce Email Marketing Campaigns That Will Help You Increase Sales (Part 1)

– Welcome to the ECommerce Marketer and Barketer Web Series. I’m Cara, marketing assistant
here at Campaign Creators and this is our star
barketer of the day, Olive. Here at Campaign Creators we
love providing free education. We love e-commerce marketing and we definitely love our dogs. That’s why today I’m very excited to share two e-commerce
email marketing campaigns that you, as an e-commerce company should try to help you
increase sales today. Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) (dog barking) Let’s start with the
welcome email campaign. This email series is key to
not only welcoming new leads into your brand community
or subscription list, but can also turn your new
leads into first time buyers. You’ll wanna implement this campaign because for one, it provides
good brand experience. Buyers nowadays expect welcome emails whenever they provide their email address and by meeting those expectations, you’re setting your relationship
off to a good start. Second, okay pause, this is a good one, you can increase the likelihood
of a purchase faster. Yesterday I found myself on a site that sold these pawesome dog harnesses. I subscribed to the email list and was immediately greeted
with 20% off my next purchase. What do you think happened next? Well, I bought the harness that same day. And just remember, you
don’t wanna be including aggressive sales within
these welcome emails because this can make
your leads feel put off and just less likely to purchase. The second email series is
the abandoned email campaign. This campaign targets your
new leads or customers that didn’t purchase
after a first engagement and actually left their product in their virtual shopping cart. So maybe I added my new
dog harness to my cart, got distracted roughing around Olive and didn’t end up buying that day, that’s where this campaign comes in. As an e-commerce company,
you just can’t afford to not have an abandoned email campaign. Don’t make this rough for yourself. About 260 billion dollars
in sales are lost each year due to abandoned carts. The time and money used
to create this campaign are well worth how much
money you could lose. Second, based on e-commerce
shopping behaviors, it just really works. Nearly 60 to 70% of online
shopping carts are abandoned likely due to price or readiness. And contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t need
to offer discount codes in all of your emails. For example, I may have
actually had the intentions of buying that dog
harness, got distracted, and totally forgot I was in
the middle of a purchase. So for customers like me,
one simple reminder email could just do the trick. Now I know we just scratched the surface but if you wanna learn more
about these email campaigns and how to actually set
these up in automation, check out Campaign Creators’
latest and greatest resource, the Lead Nurturing Master Class. That’s all I have today but make sure to come back next time for more e-commerce
marketing tips and strategies to improve your e-commerce business. Thank you for watching and
hope to see you next time. Olive! You ready to try a new harness? Yeah, I know those darn email marketers, man they’re good. C’mon.
(hands tapping)

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3 thoughts on “ECommerce Email Marketing Campaigns That Will Help You Increase Sales (Part 1)

  1. Looking forward future videos in this series! Question: is there typical abandoned cart recapture percentage that we should be shooting for?

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