Ecommerce News #1

so Google have launched a new tool which
allows users to mute the reminder ads that keep popping up after going on
different online shopping websites so say for example you were shopping for a
dress and then you keep seeing these different dresses popping up from the
websites that you’ve been on well now you actually have the option to
mute those ads which is a win-win situation for customers and advertisers
because you now have more control over the ads that you actually want to see
where as advertisers no longer getting to spend money on ads targeted towards
people who don’t want to see the products Instagram have launched a
new shoppable ads feature which allows users to make purchases directly in the
app without being redirected to another website now these ads are called
collections which combines product catalogs along with videos which allows
users to see the products and make purchases in the app a recent study has
shown that retailers are missing out on repeat business due to the fact that
they are not nurturing their customers past sale now after a customer has
purchased something they should receive follow-up emails of communications about
the order status any issues such as delivery failure or changes to the order
and if they fail to do this then they’re going to miss out on that repeat
business because customers are going to choose to shop elsewhere

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  1. bonjour je viens de voir de ta vidéo c'est sympa et pleine de bon sens merci je partage je te souhaite la bienvenue sur ma chaine bie entendu.

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