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– Okay, number one. No, number two. Three.
– Three. – Oh my gosh. – It’s going to be cart
abandon me. Abandonment. – Did I distract you? – Yes. Now I’m totally,
totally flustered now. (upbeat music) – Hey guys. It’s Alison. – And Jared – And we’re gonna talk about the five. – Five eCommerce trends. – Yeah. That are really rocking it and showing a huge increase in
our sales and our marketing. Because we all wanna build a
profitable business, right? – I think so. I do – I do. – And our memory card is full. So we’re gonna start over again. Don’t forget to like, share. – Yeah, subscribe. – All that social stuff. And let’s get started. Okay, I’m gonna start with number one and we’ve got it here on our phone. And also if you leave a comment below, if you’re on Facebook
or if you’re on YouTube, there’s gonna be a link
down below. Click it. And we will send you this list
for free in your messenger. It’s pretty magical how that works. – It’s a good list. And that’s actually the first
thing I want to start with, is messenger bots are magical. People are on their phones. Facebook messenger makes
it really, really easy. Get your messengers going. Like that is a huge
trend that we’re seeing and jump on that bandwagon very fast. Okay. Number two. – Number two. I’m gonna do number two. Accepting multiple forms of payment. It’s been huge for us. We’ve been able to see big increases and spikes and sales. Just by offering more opportunity and more vehicles for people to pay with. – I’m excited for Apple Pay. – Apple Pay. PayPal. – I almost. Like I got really close to. – Man. This is a good list. Some of those different types of things. – Did I distract you? – Yes. Now I’m totally flustered now. But yeah, lots of
multiple payment systems. It’s huge. It’s great. – Okay. Number one. No. Number Two. Three. – Three. – Oh my gosh. It’s been a long day. Number three. Experiences. Okay. Have you ever noticed
that people will pay top dollar, like huge dollar to go
to a concert, right? But yet, they can get that
same music on Panda, Pandora. Pandora. – At Panda Express. – At Panda Express.
Maybe at Panda Express. At Panda. Oh my gosh. – Pandora. – You guys maybe we
just need to start over. Today’s been an awesomely cool day. – Hey guys. It’s Alison. – And Jared. – Pandora, you can get it for free, but they’ll pay big
bucks to go to a concert because they want the experience. So, providing an experience
for a customer shopping online leaves it memorable and they
wanna keep shopping with you. So, when you deliver
your packages to them, like what bonuses or what
can you surprise them with, so that they can have that
experience with you instead of just opening up an ugly
brown box with stuff in it. – The big ahhh – Yeah. Like a package from grandma. – Cookies. – Yeah. No. I don’t know if that’ll work. Okay. What’s the next thing? – The number four is going
to be cart abandoning. Abandonment. – He’s having issues
today too. Not just me – You’ve got have a way to solve those and resolve cart abandonment stuff. So there’s in the different
shopping stores like Shopify, you can address that you
can set up tools and buttons and systems for abandoned carts. And it’s a huge. – [Alison] ClickFunnels too. – [Jared] Yeah. – [Alison] Here’s my plug for ClickFunnels because I like ClickFunnels. – [Jared] That’s a really good one. Yeah, there’s lot of
resources to address those that abandon their cart
halfway through the process. I think there’s a pretty
good conversion rate when you’re able to reach out to them. – There’s a really good, really
really good conversion rate on that. We don’t have the exact numbers. We should’ve probably pulled those up. – We probably should’ve
pulled something up. – But trust us because it really works. – Number five. – Number five. Engage early with a story, with a vision. Instead of just selling product. Hey guys. Buy this. Buy this. Buy this. That’s gonna turn ’em off. But if you can show ’em a
story. Sell them a vision. You’re gonna convert so much better. So, when one of our first
products that we had were blocks of wood, little tiny blocks of wood. And instead of just
selling a block of wood, my neighbor totally
thought they were trash and was like Alison what are you selling? I’m like I’m selling blocks of wood. And he said, you’re selling trash? To me it wasn’t trash. To me it was moms and
kids painting pictures or gluing pictures of their
kid’s faces on these blocks, wrapping it up and giving it to grandma for Christmas morning. That’s what I saw. And then I also saw little
chubby fingers turning like a countdown block
down in anticipation for Santa Clause to come or
for their birthdays to come. That’s what I saw and
that’s what converted. That block deal made over
$9,000 in just 24 hours. I never sold blocks. I sold
a vision of an experience. – People buy it because of emotion, right? – They do buy, buy based on emotion. – So, if you make that
emotional connection, then it’s huge. – Yeah. And really, it’s an emotion
of happiness and joy and improving their
life. Think about that. How can you improve your customer’s life? And it works really well. How do we know? We’ve done it for seven
years. Like it just works. Improve people’s lives
and you convert better. – True. – Okay. Those are our five tips. – Like, share, leave a comment down below. – Subscribe. Something. – All that stuff. – And you’ll get the five tips. – Yep. All right we’ll
talk to you later. Bye. (upbeat music)

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