Ecommerce YouTube Ads: My 7 Secret ‘Best Practices’ Revealed

ecommerce YouTube ads so today my wife
says to me hey Marc you kind of have your hair going like Cameron Diaz in
Something About Mary so I had to look it up it’s been a long time since I’ve seen
that movie but I just wanted to go over how we use you to as in our e-commerce
strategy and back in November we launched a brand new from scratch
out-of-the-box marketing strategy on YouTube and it equated to 97 sales per
day in the month of November back in 2018 so I want to show you seven things
that we use to make sure that our e-commerce YouTube ads stand out now
before we continue I just want to let you know that my goal for this channel
is to produce videos every single week that provide valuable information to you
and help you succeed online whether it’s affiliate marketing e-commerce just
making money online or whatever go ahead and subscribe to the channel and that
way you’ll be notified every time I put out a new video now on to the first few
things okay the first thing I’m gonna upload a
video real quick and I will fast forward this part for you
okay so uploaded that short video real quick just to kind of show you what we
need to do on the back end for these videos so when you run video ads on
YouTube you need to upload some videos to YouTube then you jump over to Google
Ads and you link that video you tell that that’s the one you want to use so
I’ve uploaded just a dummy video here for us to see but the very first element
is or tip number one is to really utilize the title and description for
SEO you really want to optimize it for SEO so in the title you’re given a
hundred characters to put up here you want to put in your best product
description title that you can think of obviously coffee mug is not going to be
exactly that but do some searches find out you know what your keywords are for
your products you’ve already done some other advertising so you want to plug in
your best keyword into the title and make the most use of it
you also can break up the title into a couple of point of sections maybe using
a colon as a separator and then you can add a second maybe a longtail keyword
into the title also the description area of the video is the title and
description are the most utilized for YouTube’s algorithm and their SEO so in
the SEO efforts so be sure and write full complete coherent sentences in your
description that include your keywords longtail keywords etc also you’re going
to want to put a link to your to your website to the product page for that
exact product so that’s tip number one is to really utilize the title and
description area on your YouTube video page so the second element or the second
tip that I’m going to give today is when you make your videos you really want to
commit to short term videos you only want to have a video that is longer than
30 seconds but shorter than two minutes you don’t need to go on and on about a
product video like I’m doing in this potentially you sometimes you can go
over two minutes if it really really deserves a longer explanation however
most people are going to tune out pretty quick so you want to stay between a
minimum of 30 and a maximum of two minutes for your video the whole idea is
to get people to click over to your product page and not bog them down and
watching some lengthy video that bores them and then they click away
the next element or the next tip that I’m going to give you is to utilize the
cards the dynamic elements that YouTube allows you to have in your videos
should be a card in the upper corner somewhere here you’ll see you can click
on and I have a couple playlists here on paid advertising playlist and Google ads
playlist that you can click on to see more of my videos and you should do the
exact same thing with related products that you can dynamically interject sorry
dynamically inject into your video okay the fourth thing on my list is super
super important these are all really important but these are so important
this one it’s so important is the thumbnail image for your video you can
come down here you can upload a custom thumbnail and if we come over here to my
YouTube channel you can see that I’ve been working really hard at creating a
new style of thumbnail let me come over here to videos let me make this a little
well smaller I was gonna make it smaller okay so you can see my most recent
thumbnails and how the ones were before that and then even the ones before that
so evolving in the way I make my thumbnails they’re such a critical
factor to getting that initial click when somebody is searching on YouTube
they only you only have about a second or two to capture somebody’s attention
just like hopefully I’ve captured your attention with my thumbnail you click
over to the video and here we go people will look at the picture first then they
will read the headline second or the title second so thumbnails are probably
the most critical factor in leading to your click-through rate
okay the next element is to utilize closed captioning you can see here the
CC indicates that I have closed caption this video so I’m gonna jump over here
and you can see right here I have it where it is auto loading the closed
caption for people to view it’s very easy for people to turn off they can
just click this and turn it off I like to have it on by default and I find that
you get a lot of improvement with your ad quality and retention rates when you
have your closed captioning turned on and I’ll show you how I do that if you
come over here once you have uploaded your video you’ve done your title and
your description you come down you can come down to the bottom and hit
subtitles and when you click on subtitles it will automatically YouTube
will automatically go through and it may take a little bit of time this was a
very short video so this this happened really fast but some of my longer videos
15 20 minute videos take several hours for YouTube to do but we can go in here
if you click on English this is the one that YouTube has provided you can edit
your closed captioning that they’ve created here you might want to listen to
it and read this make sure that they use they picked up the right words
especially if you have an accent you want to make sure that they’ve picked up
the right words and then we go ahead and hit well first we could edit then we go
through and make sure of all this and then when we hit Save Changes you can
see that there are two English versions here so since I now have this second one
what I can do is if I come over here to info and settings and if I use this one
tag this y2y t : CC equals on tag that automatically will play the video that
closed captioning on the video speaking of tags go ahead and add some tags to
your YouTube video it’s not the most critical factor for SEO ranking anymore
on YouTube but go ahead and add a few won’t hurt but definitely add this one
and I just put this one at the end of all of my tags because it’s kind of ugly
okay number six on my list is to publish your ads start running your ass when and
publish your video when it’s the best peak time for you and that’s really
going to depend on your niche if you have a knitting
ecommerce site that has knitting then potentially your audience has different
peak viewing times but a really good place to start is Monday through Friday
I mean Monday through Wednesday you want to try to publish them between about
2:00 and 4:00 o’clock Eastern on Thursday and Friday it’s about 3:00 p.m.
Eastern is an optimal time for starting out and testing your channel and over
the weekend it’s a morning time say between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 Eastern so
if you start to schedule your videos to publish around those times you’ll start
to see probably some better initial response this is when people are most
likely to be having a little free time and watching YouTube also when you’re
running your ads you can go into the Google ad network interface and schedule
when you want to have your ads show now this really really depends on like I
said your audience so over a little bit of time you can go in and you can see in
the analytics when your videos are being watched more so you can optimize your
ads from there and now on to the last number seven the seventh tip that I have
is to connect with here let me pull this up and to connect with a YouTube
influencer one that is in your niche so if you have a I don’t know obviously
Amazon product or something let me see on unboxing Amazon returns do a search
for your product on YouTube and or in your niche on YouTube and you can see
this guy right here six point seven million views in eight months so this
guy does unboxings you can click over to this guy’s video I’ll show you here let
me just pause this and I’m gonna go to his or their channel page and go to the
about page and you can see right here view email address you can say I’m not a
robot I’m not a robot and submit that you can see right here
you can get his email address you can send them an email and say hey listen I
have a product to have a store that does this I’d like to send you a couple of
products would you mind unboxing them yes it’s gonna cost you the cost of the
product and shipping it to them but this is marketing so they might also want
this is marketing expense they might also want a fee it just depends on how
popular they are how much it’s going to be seen there’s a lot of factors that go
into it but open up a dialogue with them doesn’t cost anything to reach out and
at least ask them if you can send them a product that they can feature on one of
their unboxing videos so oops sorry here’s that coffee mug hey listen these
are my seven tips on how to use YouTube ads for e-commerce for your e-commerce
business get started doing this today it is it can be super fun having a youtube
channel I’ve had fun already got 2,000 subscribers thank you so much everyone
for watching just yesterday got 2,000 subscribers so
yeah a little milestone but if you enjoyed this video then give me a thumbs
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