EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for Small Business brings peace of mind to a restaurant owner in Spain

I have many passions. One of them is football and another is cooking I believe the two of them have something in common in the sense that they both require you to manage a team and make it as highly competitive as possible. You also need team and family spirit to know how to manage the business. My name is Manuel Herrero and I’m a restaurant owner. I chose San Sebastian for my restaurant because I’m from here and because it’s a gastronomic capital. We get a lot of tourists here and our local Basque cuisine is popular. I’ve been using Schneider Electric technology since I started my restaurant. EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business makes my life easier and offers me peace of mind knowing everything works properly. It’s a big time saver and allows the total remote control of my business such as the coffee machine, the general power supply, the cold storage room, air conditioning and lighting. I rely on EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business when I’m away. I constantly use the app on my smartphone. With this install, I gain half an hour of sleep. I have peace of mind, knowing I am constantly connected. Working with Schneider Electric, I realized it’s the only company that was able to offer me a connected solution adapted to the scale of my small business. In the near future, I plan to install the solution that Schneider Electric offers with their wireless energy sensors, which would allow me to know my energy consumption and be able to reduce it.

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One thought on “EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for Small Business brings peace of mind to a restaurant owner in Spain

  1. lo veo como un sistema domotico pero mas sencillo , sin automata y al alcance de todo instalador pues se le ve sencillo de instalar y solo es reemplazar los termicos de proteccion por estos conectados

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