Employees FIRST? (My #1 Tip for Business Owners)

– There’s no I in team. I was speaking at a conference in Brazil with Richard Branson. When I was speaking with him, it was just him and I at
this conference called VTEX. He said something quite interesting to me. I don’t know him well. I’m not his friend or anything like that, just a quick conversation. But he said something that
was interesting to me. He built Virgin group
with an amazing team. No one person is gonna build a
multi-billion dollar company. Was Richard Branson,
Bill Gates, Elon Musk. It’s not one person or the entrepreneur or the founder that builds the company. It’s your team. You can’t ever forget that. Take care of the people who help you get to where you are today. Without them, you wouldn’t have everything that you have right now. If you’re just starting off, keep in mind, you need to recruit amazing people. These people need to be smarter than you. They don’t have to be smarter than you in everything that you’re doing, but whatever their specializing in, they have to know it more
than you and better than you. For that reason, you wanna
make sure you take care of em. You may not be able to
pay em what they’re worth and that’s OK. Over time, you can increase their wages. You could take care of em in other ways, showing them little gestures such as gifts or taking out them and
their spouse for dinner. Little things showing em that you care goes a long way. Telling people how
they’re doing a good job goes a long way. It doesn’t have to just be money. Overall, you need to
take care of the people that work for you. And don’t look at them as employees. I look at them as team members
because even if you own 100% of the company,
they should have a say. You don’t always know what’s
best for your business. Listen to other people. When they give you feedback,
they tell you what to do, I’m not saying you have
to take their feedback and take action on it. I’m just saying you need to listen to it because if multiple people
are telling you something, the chances are, they
know something you don’t and you probably should take action especially if the feedback
that they’re giving you is in a space that they’re expert in. For example, if a doctor gave you advice on how to prevent hack
attacks or security attacks on your company, probably don’t
need to listen to the doctor but if a doctor gives you health advice, you should listen to him
’cause they’re expert in it. So when your team members
are giving you advice on something that they’re expert in and multiple people are, they’re giving you that same exact advice, you should consider listening to em. And again, take care of em. I can’t emphasize that enough. It’s never you who’s gonna
build a successful company. It’s your team.

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44 thoughts on “Employees FIRST? (My #1 Tip for Business Owners)

  1. Congrats for 200k subscribers.

    Hi Neil, I wanted to ask you link directory and social bookmarking is helpful these days in new world of SEO?

  2. Hello Neil sir,
    My website one keyword rank decrease by 45 why? How I can solve this proplem sometime its happen with my many keywords .

  3. Neil.. You are the man.. 😊.. Thank u for inspiring me to start my own channel… I need your support.. Thank u for guiding me.. 😊.. I need more subscribers..
    Keep supporting us.. U r the best… 👍👍😁

  4. Hay neil How long it takes to get an article rank on Google. And some tips that must be done while doing seo.

  5. Spot on, Neil. Its just like saying, no one player is bigger than a football team. Having said that, I believe every company must have a very strong set of core values. And then you employ people who will stand by the very core values set by the company.

  6. Neil we love you BUT this is sooo vague it isn’t helpful AT ALL for those just starting out. For most startup internet based businesses the bigger question to be answered is WHO should we be hiring, and WHAT(Checklist) should they be doing to help us grow. About the only thing I’ve gathered from your channel and others, is details about hiring writers. But Writers are only one small piece of the puzzle😕

  7. Neil sir you make amazing Content …. No doubt ..but u just telling us that this thing will help you n all but …. I am not getting that from where to start and you also not covering this thing …. like I am interested in digital marketing but the problem is….from where to start . ? I've searched alot but …I get nothing …. everyone just tell that it's so easy do it …. N all but no one telling that how to do. …. And my other problem is ….in digital marketing there are too many ways like SEO,SMM,etc. So I am interested in both things so what should I do ??????? ….inshort can you teach us practical 🤔🤔. M confused 😥

  8. Neil, what great advice! I know why you are a great success in business. You acknowledge the people behind the scenes that help build a dream that they are apart of.

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  10. Neil do you think the link juice still get divided by amount of outbound links. Or just relevance of links counts these days.

  11. how can i know how much my subscribers are engaged with me so that i can monetize my products
    i sell devotional content like biography of gurus and devotional music

  12. Awesome video! I've been watching his videos for a while now and used his strategies to run multiple successful crowdfunding campaign for film projects. I now started my own crowdfunding youtube channel specifically for filmmakers to help others! For anyone interested would love your feedback on my videos 🙂

  13. Nice advice Neil, If only my company would listen about taking care of their employees … and btw, I do like the rate of your speech here your voice is soothing and comfortable and not annoyingly loud. Thanks for the energy and effort you put into your videos. =)

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