Enabling Intelligent Retail: Empower your employees

[MUSIC]>>Retail is tough, retails follows the growth
of online means things to change in for our store teams and what we need them
to do is change it. Therefore, the way we communicate and engage with our colleagues
also needs to change, that we stay ahead of the game. [MUSIC]>>Marks & Spencer originally
founded in 1884 is a business that cares hugely about
the product that we sell and the experience
that our customers have. We rely very heavily on
a cascade process to cascade messages across 600 stores. [MUSIC]>>One of our biggest challenges
at Marks & Spencer is actually getting the right information to the right people at the right time. [MUSIC]>>Teams by its nature has
given us that opportunity to be efficient and also to know that we’re landing the right information
at the right time. That has an instantaneous impacts on people because they know
that within that one tool, they’ve got everything they need. [MUSIC]>>It was so easy to implement
from a store point of view. Teams absolutely empowered more team. They follow-up, they can
go, and make decisions, and they feel just as involved now
with the business as all we do. [MUSIC]>>It’s giving us
everything under one roof, from the chat functionality, through to the ability to edit files, share files in one environment. [MUSIC]>>They’ve got it on their phones. It’s so much easier to read business
document on the sales floor, so rather than having to log into computer print off, and
then walk around with that. They can pull up if
they need to check something really quickly
and it’s instant. [MUSIC]>>We have a customer
channel on Teams. Everything that we
put on that channel is about driving, improving, and enhancing the customer store
experience, and the feedback, and the response in
the level of activity that is on that channel as
absolutely surperb. A peace obtained from it’ll get
ways of growing our business, a peace obtained for
me to spend more time actively coaching and
developing my leadership team.>>Tens of millions of people walk
through our doors every week, and they have questions
about everything. What we want to do is know that we’ve got all the knowledge
at our fingertips. [MUSIC]>>The really exciting thing
about Marks & Spencer about the collaboration with Microsoft
is for the first time, it gives us one platform that
all of us, 80,000 colleagues, can all access, and
sets them up to be the best for our customers
is really exciting. [MUSIC]

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