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[CLASS] I swim. You swim. We swim. [TEACHER] Very good, everyone. Now, Farhad, do you swim? [FARHAD] I swim. [TEACHER] Everyone, Farhad swims. So… [CLASS] He swims. [TEACHER] Good. Now let’s conjugate the verb ‘to swim’ with the other pronouns. [CLASS] She swims. They swim. [TEACHER] Zir swims. Ze swims. Sie sw….what’s wrong? [LUIS] I no understand. [TEACHER] That’s okay, ‘I *don’t* understand.’ And that’s alright, Luis! So, ‘I’ is the first person pronoun used when you’re referring to yourself. [FARHAD] I swim! [TEACHER] Correct! [LUIS] Yes, I understand ‘I,’ pero I no understand what is that? [TEACHER] Oh, they are all gender-neutral pronouns. [YUKI] What does that mean? [TEACHER] Gender-neutral pronouns are what you use when you’re referring to someone who doesn’t want to be referred to by traditional masculine or feminine pronouns, like ‘he’ or ‘she.’ [YUKI] So, not a boy, not a girl? [TEACHER] That’s right, Yuki. [LUIS] Is he gay? [TEACHER] No, well, not necessarily. [LUIS] My brother, he gay. Is he one of them? [TEACHER] Do you know your brother’s preferred pronouns? [LUIS] I don’t know. My family no speak to him. [TEACHER] Okay, cultures are different. It’s important when studying and practicing English that you stay sensitive to the pronouns of others. [FARHAD] Not boy, not girl… [TEACHER] Uh, that’s a table, Farhad. ‘It’ is a table. You see, the table didn’t choose its gender, objects can’t do that. But people can! For example, what is Yuki? [FARHAD] Girl? [TEACHER] Well, maybe! We don’t want to misgender Yuki! [YUKI] Yes, I am a girl! [TEACHER] Ehh, you could be. [YUKI] I am! [TEACHER] Yeah, but you could also be someone who was assigned female at birth, but now identifies as non-binary, so we would in fact use a gender-neutral pronoun for you, like ‘Ze.’ [LUIS] What is ‘assign’? Is homework? [TEACHER] Uh, no no, ‘assign’ is how you look on the outside. But how you feel on the inside, that is how we identify. [FARHAD] I-dentify swims! [TEACHER] Really, Farhad? [YUKI] I am confused. [TEACHER] You shouldn’t be confused, Yuki! [YUKI] Sorry. [TEACHER] It’s really not that hard, you guys. There’s only 63 pronouns! [YUKI] 63 pronouns!?! [TEACHER] Yes! And it’s important before speaking to anyone that you ask, ‘what is your preferred gender pronoun?’ [LUIS] I have to ask everyone that? [TEACHER] Yes. Of course! Luis, what if you accidentally referred to a ‘Ze’ as a ‘Za’? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed? [LUIS] No? [TEACHER] Of course you would! You should be embarrassed! And you know what else? It’s offensive! Right? [LUIS] Right? [TEACHER] And you want to be a gender ally, right? [LUIS] Right… [TEACHER] You’re not learning English to be a bigot, are you? [LUIS] Okay… [TEACHER] Alright! Luis gets it. Okay, so who is still confused? [TEACHER] S**t. [FARHAD] S**t swims!

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6 thoughts on “ESL Students Learn New Gender Pronouns | We the Internet TV

  1. What I don’t understand about “preferred pronouns” is “why do you give a shit about what people are calling you in THIRD PERSON?” If I’m talking to you and you identify as a male, female, or non-binary, I wouldn’t refer to you as any of those pronouns because they’re in the FUCKING THIRD PERSON. I’d only refer to YOU as YOU or by your FUCKING GIVEN NAME. Even in a group, if you’re present, I’d refer to you by your name, not your “preferred pronoun.” It’s in the fucking term itself, PREFERRED. I don’t give a shit if you PREFER to be called a certain pronoun. If I call you by the pronoun I think you are with another person in a conversation you’re not part of, I don’t understand why you’d give a shit.

  2. damn you gotta be dumb or naive as fuck to think there's an actual problem with people identifying with gender pronouns other than she/her, he/him, and they/them
    shouldn't it be understandable for a minority of nonbinary people to get upset when you dont use their pronouns correctly? like obviously getting angry with you is bad but just being upset about it alone shouldnt be a fucking problem. imagine being a man and someone calls you a woman. they use she/her for u. ofc your ass is gonna be upset. no one is fucking asking you to learn all fucking neopronouns. just listen to someone when they tell you their pronouns ffs. thats literally it. this video is so fucking stupid. no ones calling you a "bigot" for not using their pronouns. id know because i know multiple people who identify with neopronouns including myself and most of them, maybe even almost all of them, just want you to remember like one set of pronouns they identify with. thats it. i have memory problems and i can even remember peoples pronouns its not that hard when you practice. i identify with multiple pronouns but all you have to do is memorize one for me. and i know its soooooo hard for you fucking people being like "ugggh why do we gotta know each others pronouns ughhh" but like. even if youre cis we dont know that so we still want to hear you say your pronouns and we also want you to know ours without being fucking bullied for having them. this type of shit harms us. this video. joking about our identities. and im probably gonna get bullied for this comment but that just proves my fucking "point" so whatever. im kinda used to people being dicks to me. if you interpret this comment as like me being angry then yeah, tbh i was fucking angry after i watched this cause its fucking dumb. dumb as balls. stupid as shit. fuck

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