Especially If You Work In Retail You Should Pay Attention

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100 thoughts on “Especially If You Work In Retail You Should Pay Attention

  1. “Hey man, welcome! That's a nice machete you've got there. That's very kind of you to raise it up to let me get a better view of it…”

  2. it is more dangerous to be a clerk in a small store in NYC than it is to be a cop where I live. very low crime here.

  3. the machete is the number one tool to murder people in South Africa. yet no one screaming about the machete violence in that country.

  4. LOLs he had plenty of time to react, what a dumbass no sympathy for cunts who are too busy in the matrix staring at their phone same a people who wear earphones in the street without any idea of what's going on around them. A truck come plowing at u and ya deserve to get mowed down for been stupid, same as this clown. Thanks

  5. I could be wrong but, the strike looked like it glanced. Even, the side of the blade. Plus I expected to see the laceration when the man sat up and didnt.

  6. I can't wait to see your video on the guy that got stabbed in Brazil and then knocked out the stabber. I already know exactly what you're going to say but I still want to hear it. Always pay attention to the hands.

  7. Hey you felling cowards. One day it might be YOU laying there bleeding. Surely you watch TV and have the brains to put pressure on a wound! I know one day I may die by helping someone or going down fighting but not die a coward like you guys!! At least, lock the door, drag him out to safety away from area.

  8. The perp lacked commitment because he was a coward. He knew he was wrong and he was scared during the actions and adrenaline made him miss because he thought he wanted to kill the guy until he got in the store and it got serious. It's also probably why he panicked and tossed the weapon he used to commit a felony with.

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

    Today's lesson……be prepared to provide medical services to yourself until those trained and paid show up to take over. Also purchase a good first aid kit for your home, car, work, and personal carry.

  9. I’m a supervisor and your not allowed to be on your phone while at work…hopefully the guy is facing attempted murder charges…!!!!

  10. The edge alignment of that cut was horrible. It would have been a much more devastating wound if that guy even had a remote idea of how to cut properly.

  11. The guy apparently was a local homeless man who was thrown out previously. It is ridiculous that he was only charged with assault, weapons possession and criminal trespassing. I swear anywhere else that would be attempted murder.

  12. I don't agree with taking a machete to bad customer service, but as Chris Rock would say "I understaannd"

  13. Looks like he got “blade slapped” not cut with the edge of the Machete … painful no less to get hit on the top of the shoulder on the bone but very lucky indeed.

  14. He almost took the Facebook temperature challenge!

    Can't tell me he didn't have plenty of time to back up and dodge that…

  15. Why in hell would you just stand there and watch someone swing a machete at you without moving at all? That was definitely a bit derpy on that dudes part.

  16. I worked in the restaurant industry and i could call if people were gonna be problem customers pretty much as they walked through the door.

  17. That guy just have been really high on the job slowest machete attack ever even a little side step would have worked without stractch

  18. With more awareness, the clerk could have used the counter and that white stool behind him to ward off the bad guy.

  19. The lesson here is plain, if you are to stupid to move when someone raises a machette to hit you, then go to “Move out of the way of Machette School”. Otherwise, this is how we keep the average IQ of the planet from falling into a black hole! Damned idiot! Sorry, I’m OK now.

  20. Dude was asleep on his feet! Did not move one inch from the time he saw the guy. May have been stoned. Lucky the guy chopped and didn’t swing. Would have sliced his throat.

  21. I think those who's anti-gun or choose to be unarmed, will always play to
    be unaware what's goin on around them. If someone attacked them, they
    will just always rely on other men to help them. Maybe that's their nature.

  22. Could be he deserved a life threatening moment of fear. Many people do. Mr Machete could have easily chopped his neck. I believe Mr Machete delivered a warning.

  23. the guy got caught? gosh i never would have guessed it. he doesn't cover his face or wear gloves and he ditches the weapon at the door. well nobody ever said criminals were smart

  24. I just became a subscribing member. I know the "Pro-Gun" folks might not agree with all my political views but I've been commenting and reading lots of the comments here. Aside from the random "goofballs", I think we all understand why we watch and pay attention. A defender will indiscriminately protect those around them from bad guys. Regardless of race, religion or social status. This is what makes the 2nd amendment so beautiful. Let's protect and watch each other backs first, and deal with the nonsense later.

  25. I'm never surprised at how many Americans don't maintain any kind of situational awareness. Even after a verbal altercation.

  26. PAYING ATTENTION! Cell phones have made people stupid and lazy and paying attentionless society. They have Not brought people together or closer but the exact opposite we the human race are further apart, families are further apart then at any time in History. Most are in another world and not the real world . I see it every day. Everybody, about 75% are always looking down into the cellular world oblivious to the real world . Its horrible. I hate these phones and look forward to the electricity going out. He could have took off his head and he would have just stared at him like zombie.

  27. well as a bystander I might be wondering where the bad guy is. Possibly he might still be walking around in store. Maybe there are several. Those would be things I would be thinking so getting out of there seems plausible.

  28. The mental fortitude to take a hit and then push forward. Never have…hope I do if the time comes, I think I will. Shock can be a good thing if yer already an asshole.

    Pathetic these folks did squat to assist the fallen. Keep thinking the authorities will come….it will end in heartbreak and misery.

  29. and this is why i just laugh when folks make fun of martial arts that still include "sword skills"……..

  30. Haha, bookface, I like that, made me laugh,
    I have learned so much from your vids, keep up the great work, SA TX fan

  31. Is it just me or did that look super set up? .. That was in no way a full or even remotely hard swing..and the blade was turned.. And its suspicious yo me that he doesn't get up so you cant see any wound or blood.. Just sayin, thats how it looks to me anyway. Cheers

  32. That was a hit with the flat side of the blade, otherwise that would have been a fatal blow. That hit is generally like a "warning shot" or a humiliating beat down if given in the legs/buttocks and is not uncommon in rural areas in down here in Panama. Just ask a true Panamanian what a "planazo" is

  33. Why would you not maintain the distance when someone is swinging an object at you. If it was me, the bad guy would have taken a few bullets that day

  34. I really would have liked an Indiana Jones response by that clerk. He’s just lucky he can be prep’d for the next time.

  35. Watch the video. The attacker hit him with the side of the blade. There would be a wound but not as serious as if he had hit him with the sharpened edge. What does it mean? It means the attacker did not mean to kill the clerk. He meant to scare him. Had he meant to kill him he had ample opportunity to do so. He not only hit him with the side of the blade he hit him in the shoulder. Had he hit him in the neck with the edge of the blade the clerk would have been dead. This was not a killing attack. It was an attack to show the clerk that he was vulnerable and could be killed any time. The attacker accomplished what he was trying for. That clerk will never argue with him or anyone else again.

  36. Confirms what years of training and instructing historical swordsmanship have taught me: You need to know how to perform a cut properly in order for it to be highly effective. With proper edge alignment and the proper cutting technique the perp could have split that guy open from the shoulder down to the chest… the clerk is lucky this guy was slapping like a girl instead of cutting properly….

  37. Would be interesting to note the race/religion of the attacker. That is already a cue that an attack is imminent

  38. He’s lucky that the machete seems it was of poor quality, it looks like the blade twisted when it hit him rather than slicing straight in

  39. I thank God that man did not know how to swing a machete, his Edge alignment was horrible and as a result this man's head wasn't taken completely off

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