Evaluating Website Credibility For Your Business

hello and welcome back i’m george gil and
this is so we can review by gil media this week we’re focused on a word as our focus and that’s gonna be the word credibility and
how it applies to your online marketing efforts now when you think about credibility in the
technical faction you probably think about someone you know in respect or if you’re being introduced to someone new for say a business then they may have come to your attention
by referral and because of that referral potentially instant credibility marianne your first interaction or meeting
with that business you observe them handling of customer in a way that really resonates with you and therefore loan them some credibility credibility is important and we four written one way or another when
we first meet someone well as i said a business however on the web you don’t have that advantage
of that face-to-face meeting yet credibility is still critical so when we consider how to establish credibility
on the web in really starts before a customer ever find
you first you need to be found if i’m searching for something that you have
gone for you need to be found on page one at the top this is similar to a referral louisiana point of credibility because you were there saket until click on your site and find your
website is professional pleasing to be a and easy to navigate credibility point so third icy interaction on your site a community of comments or testimonials or
product reviews i see social acceptance credibility point three home run out of the park when you look at success online it doesn’t
happen from one piece of the puzzle it’s a myriad of components and credibility is a concrete is a crucial component i’m curious how do you establish credibility in your business the initial comments below i’m george gilder and i’d like you to join
me next week in the week in review

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One thought on “Evaluating Website Credibility For Your Business

  1. Thanks for putting this video up. I have found it helpful in considering how I will ensure credibility in my website. I also think this is a great video to include in my training program for business advisers.

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