Event marketing: 5 innovative event promotion tips

Are you organizing a conference, a
BarCamp, a wedding, a graduation party or a trade fair? Social media can really help you
make your event a success. Here are five tips for making your next event
more social: Get an event hashtag Come up with a hashtag for your event
and tell everyone about it. Add social sharing to your ticket sales When they buy a ticket, ask your audience
to share your event with their followers, and turn your ticket sales into more ticket sales! Set up a social wall to display at your event Encourage your audience to share
their experience using your hashtag, and watch their posts pop up on the social wall. Set up a photo booth Add some fun to your event with a photo booth! Motivate people to take lots of pictures
and share them on your social wall. Livestream your event Share the link to your livestream on social media and make your event available to a broader audience. You can even embed your social wall in your livestream. Google has done this at the Android Summit
and other events, displaying the social wall in between talks. By using social media at and around your event, you can create a sense of community
and drive engagement. Give people something worthwhile to share,
and they will happily do so. Sign up for a free Walls.io social wall now
and make your next event even more social!

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