Evolution Mode: Create an e-commerce website that never goes out of date

EKM’s mission is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to succeed online. We want our customers businesses to evolve, to get better and to work faster. To always look their best, never go out of date and to thrive in the competitive ecommerce marketplace. To do that we’ve created Evolution Mode. Evolution Mode it’s about enabling online shops built with EKM to do those things It’s about adding new functionality, improving the performance and reliability of their online shop and even improving the design and and look and feel of their online shop to help maximize their sales. We’ve invested in a new Evolution Team. Their job is to look through every single EKM online shop and see how it can be improved. They might suggest things like changing the theme, a new logo or even changing the category structure, right down to type errors. We don’t just make these suggestions we actually implement them. Our engineers a constantly working on new features, things like our best practice checkout, our mobile specific mCommerce site, as well as optimising shop functionality. I really do believe that EKM in a unique position to help our customers businesses become more successful. Because of our scale and because of the number of shops in our network we can monitor trends and we can identify what works best and then we can use that information to help benefit all EKM online shops. It’s time for eCommerce to evolve.

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