Examples of Affiliate Marketing Websites | Affilorama Introduction | Lesson 3

the examples of affiliate marketing websites. affilorama introduction lesson 3 Luke Marcum I can be quite subtle most
people using the internet are unaware that fleet marketing exists
yet it’s the reason behind a locked on the
Conti on the Internet the for one of the first things you
should learn when getting started as an affiliate is how to identify affiliate sites once
you start to spot affiliates you realize exactly how persuasive
affiliate marketing is and it might just give you ideas for
your own affiliate business one of the places where affiliates a
most RBS is in the paid advertisements home
search engines like bingo Google these affiliates will be promoting the
web sites through these advertisements paying for each person who clicks on the
red the idea of the sort of marketing is that the money they in an affiliate
commissions is enough to pay for these advertisements with a bit left over however because
they have to pay for you to visit this site you’ll often find that there are little
more to the point in Philly its who don’t have to pay for
the traffic let’s take an example from a Google search on the phrase Luna
to look at the search results in Google the aids on the right hand
side of the page a clearly marked heads otherwise known as paid
advertisements depending on what you search for you might see heads in this list that have been placed
by merchants themselves rather than affiliates however in this particular example it
would appear that most of these ads have been placed by affiliates telltale signs didn’t ad has been placed
by an affiliate include any michener reviews there’s
always the favorite affiliate catch phrase don’t buy anything into you’ve read
these reviews these I very obvious affiliate heads another favorite affiliate hoc is the
mention of a scam for example tally since games I mean
nobody likes to be scanned in everyone loves a scandal so a lot of advertisements use this scam
hook to get people cooking glitz take a look at this ed in action
to take your own look you could go to smart guy reviews dot com forward slash
the top don’t age team the site appears to be
review site due to target more than just the guitar lessons affiliate market however examples of affiliate marketing websites for two. now let’s take a look at just the guitar
lessons page at the top of the page they have a
summary of the reviews we’re they’ve given a number affiliates
products ratings out of 5 stars with a couple break
points if the visitor clicks on this like they’ll be taken to the
merchant site through the affiliates affiliate link these brief reviews at
the top are a good way to grab people who are just looking for products to
research and don’t want to spend time reading reviews if you look a little further down the
page you’ll see the full reviews of the products for example learn and master guitar all
the links on this page are affiliate links an affiliate link is
a link that generally places a cookie in the
visitor’s browser. this example of affiliate marketing website and is a way to say to merchants this president X
came from affiliate wise like this helps the
website track affiliates else and means that if the
visit comes back to buy at a later date the Philly it will still earn a
commission affiliate links don’t harm the visitor in anyway the Affilorama introductions doesn’t end up
paying any more for the product and if they bought directly from the merchant infect the affiliate actually helps to
visit to find a product they were looking for now let’s have a look at an example of
affiliate showing up in natural search results not all
affiliates choose to promote their website through paid advertisements or other examples of affiliate marketing websites a lot of affiliates rely on traffic that
comes from normal search results in the search engines we call the search
results organic search results or natural search
listings you hear people talking about EC a piece
which is short for search engine results pages for those of
you who are new to these terms the difference between net usage results
in paid search results with the net usage results you listing
is free but you have a lot less control over how and where your website appears the net you search listings other sites
that the search engines deemed to be the most relevant to the
particular search term ranked in order of relevance the problem
for webmasters is that we need to really know what search engines are thinking all we can
do is guess and try and make your web sites look as relevant as possible this gives rise to a whole area of
internet marketing called search engine optimization which
we cover in other parts of the bill a rum but for
now it’s just take a look at affiliate sites that seem to be doing
well in the EC apiece for the term dog obedience it can be a
little more difficult to spot affiliates in the natural search results because
they tend to be a little small subtle band paid search results we’ve got a few
here which look like they could either be affiliates all merchants
selling their only since for example let’s have a look at
blockbusters .ca its emergence I’d but sites like dog opinions advice dot com or dog billion straining review dot com could
be he their merchant or affiliate sites reviews free advice including the best
way are all tried and true methods affiliate
some ploy to gain traffic so let’s have a look at the site
offering free a billion straining advice which is an dog a PT in to buy stock com if you take a look at the front page for
the site you can see that it seems to follow a feeling similar formula to the last website we looked at up
front they have a review of the top dog training guide and
further down the page we find more reviews too other top brand products all links to
these guides will be affiliate links since this is an SEO side they must be
more content here you can see that on the left panel
there’s a list div articles about dog training had a deal
with jumping dogs stopping chewing digging and so on if
you click own dealing with the whining dog you
taken to a page with the listen on stopping a dog from wanting Affilorama and he a goth toes recommended products
again but take a look at one more fully its
site from the natural search listings yeah I’ll do a search for peace training
in Google if you follow through to the first
listed on him you can see down the right hand side that they’re
promoting in numbers P training ebooks you can tell it are likely to be fully
products because if you were to click on them you’ll be taken to a completely
different side if you hover over the links you’ll sometimes in your status bar as seed
it’s at the bottom of your browser that the link looks a little convoluted
with hop Clickbank docked me in it that means
that the product comes from Clickbank which is an affiliate network you can
also see some heads on the side that look like affiliate products to the site doesn’t
seem to offer any reviews they simply have a recommended column with
summits okay let’s have a look at the summary in this lesson you’ve learned has some
affiliates are making money in a few different markets deriving
traffic from paid search listings and from natural search listings a few
things you can use to spot obvious a plate sites I’ll well sites
comparing in reviewing products are often
affiliate sites sites promoting products or services they did not create are often affiliates
catch phrases like reviews ratings learn the truth scams for example often indicate affiliate
sites say using this information you can now
hopefully quickly and easily identify some other
affiliate sites out there on the internet which can be
great for giving you your own tips and tricks for building your on affiliate business
that over time Paul and we’ll see you again for the next
video listen songs with examples of affiliate marketing websites and Affilorama

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