Express yourself with a new retail experience.

Recently our very own Steve took a trip to one of our new Express Store locations in Portland, Oregon. Now some of you might be asking, what’s an Express Store? It’s just another example of Verizon giving our customers choices. These stores are designed for digital first customers and for folks who are looking to get into and out of our store quickly. And with that, let’s catch up with Steve. Today it seems like all of us are juggling more than ever before. And if you’re like me you’re always looking for ways to make your life a little bit more efficient and use technology just about any way you can. Hello smart lighting, self-checkout and digital hotel keys. Well to meet the needs of digital consumers like me, Verizon’s been trialing a new store concept right here in Portland. They’re called Verizon Express Stores and rather than sit outside and talk about them, let’s head on in and see what they’re all about. Customer is going to come in, get greeted, get checked into Express by one of our greeter reps. The Express dashboard is going to assign them to a kiosk right off the bat. Now assuming they’re here for a device, they’re going to head over to the Pick Out wall and pick out the phone they want. They’re going to complete the transaction on the kiosk. Then after that’s done, their order shows up on this back board under Pick-ups. Gets everything ready on the scanner, quickly delivers to the customer and then the customer’s out the door. Well that was easy. In and out in no time at all. Perfect for when you know what you want and you’re busy on the go. Now if you prefer the in store shopping experience, you’d like to ask a few more questions, don’t worry Verizon Express Stores aren’t for everyone and we know that. But if you’re a tech head like me, expect to see some of these stores roll out to communities that are more digitally focused across the country very soon.

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